SeedSheet Review – Best Gardening Kit Ever

Gardening is not easy. Ask someone who has been there, done that. Making sure your plants get enough nutrients and water is more daunting than it sounds or seems. If you are just starting out as a gardener, something like the SeedSheets is sure to interest you and help you make the ordeal much easier. Continue to read our detailed Seedsheet review and get started to have your own garden.

SeedSheets are simply biodegradable and dissolvable sheets or pouches that contain non-GMO seeds. These sheets facilitate easy growth and sprouting of the seeds inside, making them ideal for amateur gardeners, and something veterans can also use to the best of their abilities.

What are SeedSheets?

If you are new to gardening, or variably live in a city, with less time to take care of your plants or not as nutrient-rich soil, SeedSheets are your best bet to make your garden a plentiful experience.

SeedSheets are essentially a grow-your-own gardening kit, provided with it are curated non-GMO seeds inside a dissolvable pouch that helps the plant sprout and grow. The kit also includes a weed-blocking fabric that encourages a healthy overall garden. The kit also comes with a watering nozzle and special software that can keep you up to date on how your garden is doing.

SeedSheets are perfect for an urban environment where maintaining an organic garden is easier said than done. The sheets themselves are incredibly convenient and can be planted either in a garden, or a separate container.

Seedsheet review

A single sheet contains not one but a variety of herb seeds you can easily grow without much hassle at all. One sheet contains cilantro, parsley, dill, onion greens, sorrel, and basil. Your own organic garden will provide you with all your herb needs and fresh right off the plant. SeedSheets are available to order separately, but you can also opt for a garden container and some supportive soil to make sure the produce you grow is of top quality.

Features of SeedSheets

SeedSheets are a wonderful product for anyone who wishes to grow their own produce to eat and use in their food. Since the whole concept is based on ease of use, SeedSheets can be easily used by people with varying skills and experience in gardening.

Seedsheet features

✅ No weeds: The pouches come in an anti-weed fabric that makes sure nothing else grows in your container or garden but the product you want.

✅ Variety: SeedSheets are easily customizable in size and combinations, and the variety available is plenty. You can opt for an herb sheet or even a sheet that solely grows pepper. The options are endless.

✅ No need for herbicides and pesticides: There is no need to use either herbicides or pesticides on your produce.

✅ Can be grown indoors: The concept of SeedSheets is based on the fact that it can easily be grown in a small apartment. With the package, do not forget to order a pot/container and some soil from SeedSheets to make it easier for you to grow your own produce. Just remember to give your plant plenty of sunlight and use the instructions to properly take care of it.

✅ Wait time: If you plan to grow your own produce without SeedSheets, the wait time can be long, plus the success rate is low. With SeedSheets though, your first harvest, guaranteed would be somewhere around 40 days.

Why SeedSheets?

SeedSheets are essentially meant for people who live in the city and do not have access to land, and/or good fertile soil. SeedSheets essentially make it easier for you to grow to produce without taking the drastic initial care of they generally require.


You can either opt for just the sheet or get the better, container plus soil version for much easier, much better growth. The sheets also come with anti-weed fabrics keeping your garden clean and weed-free, making it a one-stop-shop for all your gardening needs.

All you need to do is plant your SeedSheets in a pot, or in open soil, send a text to SeedSheets and add water to the sheet whenever you get an alert. This makes it much easier to manage your produce without missing out on crucial times when they would require water, at the same time cutting your work in half.

How to Use SeedSheets?

Using SeedSheets is way easier than planting seeds yourself and managing them. While you can get a good amount of experience doing that yourself, the success rate is typically low. SeedSheets are a perfect way to make use of the best seeds, soils, and management techniques to easily grow a variety of different products. To use SeedSheets –

  1. Get your batch of SeedSheets, there is a lot that is offered, and you can choose from the products you want to grow.
  2. Plant the SeedSheet in a container of soil with the seed side facing the soil.
  3. Place the stakes provided with the package through the “X” slits on the edge of the sheets.
  4. Dissolve the pouches by slowly adding water to the sheet in 30-second durations. Repeat until the pouches are completely dissolved.
  5. Provide the plant with ample sunlight. You can place on a windowsill or patio if you do not have a backyard.
  6. Inside the SeedSheet package, you will find instructions on when to water the plant and eventually harvest it. You can also send a text message to SeedSheet to activate reminders on when to water your SeedSheet.


  1. No need for weeding
  2. Customization
  3. No need for pesticides and herbicides


  1. Wait time relatively long and fresh produce is not immediate
  2. Difficult indoor growth

SeedSheets Variants

There are different variants of SeedSheets giving you the ability to grow a variety of different produce.

  1. Herb Sheet: The most basic and essential SeedSheet available, this one contains six unique herbs, basil, parsley, onion greens, sorrel, dill, and cilantro.
  2. Salad Sheet: If you are into salads and fresh produce, this one is a must-have. Containing beet greens, French breakfast radish, pea shoots, red Russian Kale, tatsoi, arugula, and golden frills.
  3. Caprese Sheet: With the Caprese sheet Italian food will be as fresh as can be, it comes with sweet basil and glacier tomatoes, essential in making Italian food.
  4. Taco Sheets: Like tacos? This sheet will give you a total of 6 unique toppings for your own personalized tacos. From white radish, Valentine’s radish, purple plum radish, cilantro, scallions, and arugula, your home-made tacos will have the best, freshest produce ever.
  5. Cocktails Sheets: Who does not love cocktails, now making your own has never been easier. With this sheet, you get a total of 8 ingredients, cutting celery, tulsi (holy basil), pea shoots, Thai basil, borage, and bronze fennel greens.
  6. Hot Sauce Sheets: Like your food a little towards the hotter side? With this sheet you get purple bunching onions, ring-o-fire cayenne pepper, and Dragon red carrot, giving you a bunch of options to try different levels of hot.

Seedsheet User Reviews

Who is SeedSheets for?

Effectively, SeedSheets can be used by anyone and everyone. You might be a veteran gardener with ample experience or an amateur who needs a bit of help and guidance, SeedSheets will work for you. This is especially for people who live in the city or an apartment with less space to grow out of your own personal produce garden. SeedSheets will help you will everything, good quality seeds, nutrient-rich soil, a container for the plant, and even proper instructions. SeedSheets are so easy to use, even children can make use of them.

Where to buy SeedSheets and how much are they?

After our extensive SeedSheet review we are here to guide you on where you can buy this product without getting spammed. SeedSheets are easily available on their official website. They come with a 30-day money-back guarantee to first test the product out for yourself and then decide if you want to continue or not. More times than not, you can make use of SeedSheets without any hassle, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

If you want to plant Seedsheets in a container, they are available for a low $24.99, but if you add the container and soil to your purchase, the total comes out to be $44.99. If you order bigger SeedSheets to be planted in your backyard, they cost a total of $99.99, whichever variant you choose.

Benefits of SeedSheets

  1. Anybody can make use of SeedSheets: SeedSheets is incredibly easy to use and anybody with varying skills and experience in gardening can use them without any hassle.
  2. Customizations are easily possible: Since they are simply pouches with seeds in them, you can easily customize which seed you want in your SeedSheet. You can choose from their listed, pre-made pouches, or make your own.
  3. Organic and non-GMO seeds: There are multiple seeds in each pouch making sure that they will germinate. The seeds themselves are organic, non-GMO seeds right from the USA.
  4. Works indoors and outdoors: You can either plant them in a container or your backyard, SeedSheets will grow well in any place if you take care of them well enough.
  5. 30-day money-back guarantee: If you want a trial run, you can opt for that. Most times than not, customers are totally satisfied with the product, if you are not, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Rating SeedSheets

  1. Ease of Use: SeedSheets do not require much knowledge of gardening, neither do they require the hassle to grow out seeds into full-fledged plants. Nutrients, soil, a container, and the right kind of seeds are sent straight to you, making your work that much easier.
  2. Variety: SeedSheets are available with different options of herbs, peppers, and even vegetables. You can choose which one you want, and even customize the plants you wish to grow for yourself.
  3. End Product: The end product, or the products you eventually receive is of utmost quality and takes around 40 days to mature into an acceptable harvest.
  4. Work Required: SeedSheets come with nutrient-rich stakes, good quality soil, and seeds, and a container to store and grow your produce. With the package, an instruction booklet lets you in on all the dos and don’ts about SeedSheets. Basically, you need to water it as instructed and supply your plants with ample sunlight.

Final Verdict

In our SeedSheet review we found that this product can save you a lot of time, effort, and money. If you live in the city with less land space to grow your own produce or are simply an amateur gardener who needs some help starting out with growing produce, SeedSheets is the perfect product for you. There is simply nothing better, more useful, and easier than simply planting a SeedSheet in a pot, nurturing it enough, and letting it grow until the day of harvest. Growing fresh produce has never been this straightforward.

We highly recommend SeedSheets to anyone who needs and is ready to grow their own produce without much hassle at all. The SeedSheet kit contains everything you need, plus the variety to choose from is wide and you get all the instructions within the package itself.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are the seeds included organic and non-GMO?

The dissolvable pouches contain the very best organic and non-GMO seeds from the best suppliers. Each SeedSheet contains multiple seeds to ensure germination.

Do I need to pull the weeds?

No, you do not. The seed pouches are embedded in an anti-weed fabric which does not allows weeds to grow in the first place negating the of any chemicals to keep them away.

Do I need to bury the SeedSheet?

No, you do not. You simply must place the SeedSheet on top of the soil and secure using the stakes provided.

Can I buy a larger SeedSheet?

Yes, your order of a SeedSheet is totally customizable and you can design your own 4’x8’ SeedSheet.

Do I plant SeedSheets in the ground or in a container?

It is recommended to plant SeedSheets in a container with the soil provided with the kit. It is also possible to plant SeedSheets outside in the ground, but you must make sure the soil is loose and nutrient rich.

Do I have to use pesticides and herbicides?

No, there is no need to use either pesticides or herbicides. SeedSheets come in anti-weed packs, plus have a nifty way to prevent mold.

Does Seedsheet work?

Yes, Seedsheet does work, and incredibly well for that matter. Since they are so easy to use, making Seedsheets work is something you cannot mess up if you follow their instructions to the word. Once you have done everything they mentioned, it is guaranteed you will have a fruitful harvest.

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