Shadow X Drone Review – A Highly Portable, Foldable Drone

With drone technology, people have been finding ways to take incredible photos of their surroundings. An air shot always looks incredible no matter what the subject is. Buying a good drone that can provide you with endless hours of fun is the real question.

That is why we bring to you the Shadow X Drone.

What is Shadow X Drone?

Shadow X Drone is an advanced drone that can be folded for easy portability and is equipped with an HD camera.

Its lightweight design makes it super easy t carry around. The affordability alone can change your mind into buying the Shadow X Drone. Being lightweight, it also is capable of high-flying speeds. Simply connect to your smartphone, take flight, and capture beautiful, scenic shots.

Shadow X Drone

Shadow X Drone Features

Rarely do such portable drones come in with prime durability. Well, somehow the manufacturers have done it. Shadow X Drone is incredibly lightweight and highly durable at the same time.

  1. High speed: The drone goes surprisingly fast for a more affordable product. It is effectively due to its lightweight that it can reach those speeds.
  2. HD camera: It is equipped with a 720p HD camera capable of taking pictures as well as recording video.
  3. Foldable: The drone can be easily folded down on itself to help carry it around. This not only saves space but allows the more vulnerable parts to be safely folded down during transit.
  4. Sensors: It also comes with sensors that can detect obstacles and the ground. Before collision, if the thing was detected by the drone, the drone will prepare countermeasures to minimize damage.
  5. Durable: Taking about taking damage, this drone is also quite durable for its price. Easily one of the more durable products in the market.
  6. Battery: It fully charges up in 70 minutes which gives you around 15 minutes of fly time depending on your speed and movements.

Pros and Cons


  1. Easy to use
  2. HD camera
  3. Foldable and portable
  4. Exceptionally durable


  1. Slightly weak battery life.

Where to buy Shadow X Drone and how much is it?

If you want to buy your first drone, Shadow X Drone is the best you are going to get. You can get it directly from the merchant website. They offer tonnes of discounts and deals for first-time users too.

You can get an offer where you buy 2 and get 1 free, only for $197.00. Its retail price is $295.00.

Final Verdict

When it comes to drones, especially the portable ones that can be folded down, durability is always in question. We have tested quite a lot of drones over the years and most “affordable” ones hardly stand the test of time. Shadow X Drone provides a much-needed release from that is turns out to be a really sturdy, durable product. It is super easy to fly and get used to. You are going to capture some amazing things with this drone.

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