smartDOT Review – Real EMF Radiation Protection Device?

Do you realize what the advancement in technology and the variety of gadgets in our homes bring in?

EMF radiation.

Yes, you heard me right. Continued usage of high-tech gadgets can be harmful to you, and your family’s health. Since all our houses are filled with useful and necessary, but in the end, harmful gadgets, it is crucial to get a device that helps mitigate their negative effects.

We bring to you, SmartDOT. A revolutionary device that can reduce the impact of EMF’s on you and the stress that comes with It. Now some questions might be running in your mind that is this device does really help me to protect from EMF radiation coming from mobile and other devices? Well for this we brought our honest smartDOT review for you that will clear all your doubtful thoughts regarding this device.

What is SmartDOT?

We all dabble in the convenience that is gadgetry, but few of us realize the potential dangers it comes with. EMFs or simply radiation is what most gadgets cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, televisions, microwaves, etc throw out into our surroundings. These invisible waves seem harmless but can cause a variety of defects in our systems.

SmartDOT is a magnetic disc, programmed with Phi energy which interacts with this form of radiation. Acting as a filter, SmartDOT retunes electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) directly at their source, so they are no longer harmful to the human body to absorb. SmartDOT provides a quick and easy way to heavily reduce the impact of these EMFs, which can include stress, fatigue, headaches, anxiety, and even sickness.

Essentially, smartDOT can help mitigate the effects that are caused by so many of the electronics we plentifully use today. The thing being, it does not matter if you use electronics or not, if someone in your vicinity does, you are not safe from the EMFs you are constantly surrounded with.

Boycotting electronics is not a viable option. You not only turn away from the unquestionable convenience it provides, but that decision does not help you at all. The best way to override this issue is to invest in SmartDOT.

SmartDOT Features

SmartDOT Features

✅ Protection from all EMF sources: Can be stuck on to effectively all kinds of gadgets and electronic equipment, providing instant relief from radiation.

✅ Easily used with all electronic devices: This is a high range product. You can basically use it with any kind of electronic device you want to. Phones, laptops, microwaves, televisions, and refrigerators being the most common ones.

✅ Relieves symptoms of EMF radiation: If you already feeling under the weather due to what you think is EMF radiation, using smartDOT will provide you with almost instant relief.

✅ High-Quality Materials: SmartDOT is made from durable, high-quality materials that can last a long time.

 Lasts Forever: The device does not need to be replaced and can be used as long as you want to. Simply stick it to the appliance in a place you think it will not look bothersome and you are good to go.

✅ 90-day Money-Back Guarantee: If you are not happy with your purchase and see no difference after using it, the company gives you a 90-day money-back guarantee, though I am sure you would not need to avail that.

What are EMFs?

An Electromagnetic Field (EMF) is a classical field produced by moving electrical charges. We are surrounded by EMFs, as the use of mobile phones, computers, and even the internet has gained such incredible traction in the last few decades. While the EMFs these electronic appliances create maybe low and relatively unharmful in that quantity, the build-up of EMFs is what is bothersome.

A variety of scientists have come up and made the public aware of the underlying threat of a constant field of EMFs around you. EMF exposure in large quantities can cause a variety of issues which include fatigue, stress, and even severe sickness.

smartDOT Review – What it actually does?

SmartDOT is a small magnetically tuned adhesive pad that can mitigate the electromagnetic frequencies emitted from electronic appliances all around us. Dealing with technology is a part of life in today’s world, instead of running from it, we must find solutions to help against the harm it can do to us.

SmartDOT Working

SmartDOT uses a process called entrainment, in which electromagnetic frequencies are altered to resonate at frequencies as other ones, essentially harmonizing with them and dulling them down to safe levels.

In more simple language, SmartDOT filters EMFs and other radiation right at the source. Effectively harmful waves do not even have the chance to leave their immediate cause. This EMF protection technology will stop any stress or fatigue you might be facing while constantly using electronics.

It needs no electricity to work and lasts forever. Simply stick it to the device you want to “make safe” and that is it. Simple as that and you will be that much safer.

To summarize smartDOT is a simple magnetic disc that interacts with the EMF form of radiation.  It acts much like a filter for radiation, it essentially retunes electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) directly at the source.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Relieves symptoms of EMF stress and fatigue
  3. Money-back guarantee
  4. Can be used on a variety of appliances and gadgets
  5. Lasts forever


  1. Claims not officially approved
  2. Mixed reviews on the effectiveness
  3. Placement might affect the effectiveness

How To Use SmartDOT?

This simple device allows you to indulge in a much safer lifestyle while fully reaping the benefits of the incredible technology of this day and age. To use smartDOT, simply –

  1. Use the adhesive on the back of the SmartDOT to attach it to the device you use often and need to make safe for use. This could be your phone or laptop, or any other appliance in your home.
  2. You can even stuff it into the casing of your phone or tablet.
  3. The position is not important, simply remember to place at a point where the appliance draws maximum power to. Like the compressor on the fridge, or the charging point on your laptop.
  4. smartDOT lasts forever, so you do not have to think about replacing it.

Benefits Of SmartDot

  1. Dulls down potentially harmful EMFs
  2. Can be used on any appliance or device
  3. Relieves symptoms and gives you peace of mind
  4. Proven and tested
  5. Easy to use
  6. High-Quality Device
  7. Does not interfere with the working of the device it is attached to.

Rating SmartDOT

  1. Effectiveness: Though there might be conflicting reports on the effectiveness of SmartDOT, there still have been a lot of happy customers who have used the device and seen positive results in a noticeably short time. It could depend on the frequency and number of electrical appliances you tend to use.
  2. Usage: SmartDOT can be used with almost any electrical appliance, making it the universal EMF radiation solution. There is not much to do in the user’s part as well. Simply stick it on and forget about it. It will do its job to protect you and your family without much interference from you.
  3. Ease Of Use: SmartDOT is easy to use. You only have to peel the adhesive back and stick it to the appliance want to reduce the amount of EMFs produced.
  4. Affordability: The device does not cost much at all. Whatever it does is a small amount compared to the functionality it offers.
  5. Long-Lasting: SmartDOT lasts forever and does not need to be replaced ever. The device itself is quite durable and does not wear or tear easily.
  6. Competition: SmartDOT is one of the pioneering products in this niche market. You can find some other devices that help against EMF radiations, but none of them are as durable and affordable as the smartDOT.

Where To Buy SmartDOT and How Much Is It?

SmartDOT is available widely on the internet. You can easily find this device on its official website.

Final Verdict

Hope you liked our honest review of SmartDOT is one of the better devices in this field. There are a ton of users that have used the product and benefitted from it in more ways than one. It has been independently proven as an effective device in blocking out EMF radiation. The dangers of EMF with the growing amount of technologies and appliances in our houses can make us more vulnerable and the symptoms more severe than before. It falls on us to take care of our family and ourselves.

Invest in the smartDOT and start today. It provides an easy yet effective way to keep those harmful EMF waves away from your healthy lifestyle. It is not even difficult to make use of. Practically a sticker, you can simply stick it to any appliance and let it do all the work while you sit comfortably, free from stress and fatigue caused by these EMF radiations.

What is EMF?

Electromagnetic fields, or EMFs are created by electronic appliances when electrical charges move through them. They can be harmful to humans in high doses and must be avoided at all costs.

How exactly does smartDOT work?

smartDOTs are low powered magnets programmed with an intelligent combination of natural harmonizing frequencies that work similarly to the magnetic strip on a bank card. Magnets are a great storage device for frequency programming, since they emit their own energy field and don’t need a separate power source.
When placed on an EMF emitting device, smartDOT retunes the electromagnetic frequencies at the source, so they are no longer harmful for the human body to absorb.

What are the benefits of adding smartDOTs to my devices?

Electro-stress (also known as electro-sensitivity), refers to the negative interference of EMFs (emitted by wireless electronic devices) on our bodies. Signs of electro-stress include headaches, concentration disorders, insomnia, mood swings, low energy, anxiety, stress, depression and unaccountable aches and pains.
Over the last 15 years, customers who use smartDOTs have reported improved sleep, mood, concentration and overall energy levels along with reduced headaches, stress, anxiety and fatigue.

Where should I place smartDOTs to help make sure my family and I are protected?

The most common and highest EMF emitting devices are: smartphones, tablets, laptops, wi-fi routers, smart meters, televisions, baby monitors, and game consoles. Ideally one smartDOT should be placed on each individual device.

Can I move a smartDOT from one phone to another?

The adhesive of smartDOT is particularly strong, so if you need to move it from one device to another, for example if you upgrade your phone, we recommend you do this only once to avoid damaging it. If you have a phone or tablet case, simply slot the smartDOT in the back rather than removing the adhesive sticker – this way you can transfer it from device to device.

Where on a device should I stick a smartDOT?

A smartDOT can go anywhere on your device. In fact, it doesn’t even need to be stuck to the device to function. On a mobile phone, we recommend placing it centrally on the back of the phone or inside the phone case, as long as it is secure to prevent it from loss.

Do I have to charge smartDOTs?

No, you do not. smartDOTS do not need to be charged or replaced. They have a lifetime of forever, given they are not severely damaged by external causes.

Can I return smartDOT if I am not satisfied?

Yes, the company offers a 90-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

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