StableCAM Pro Review – Stability for Cinematic Videos

Taking stable, professional level photographs can really be a chore to achieve. Your mobile phone is capable enough to take high-resolution, clear images, however, you do not get even half the stability of an actual camera. This hits especially when you are trying to make videos with your phone. Without a good stable arm, your videos will end up shaky.

Well, you can actually. A mobile camera simply lacks the stability features cameras offer. How to deal with that issue so we are free to take incredibly stable photographs? With StableCAM Pro.

What is StableCAM Pro?

StableCAM Pro is the solution to handheld video creation using your mobile phone. It is a gimbal for your phone that helps with stability.

Perfect for video creators, StableCAM Pro offers smooth movement, easy tracking of objects, and even acts as a selfie stick for stable photographs. If you love to take photos and have a shaky arm, this gimbal is the best thing for you. It is highly reasonable and provides a tremendously helpful hand when you are out shooting videos and taking stable photographs.

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StableCAM Features

When it comes to mobile accessories, a gimbal is the perfect thing to own if you often are out taking photos and capturing videos. Especially while shooting videos, your shaky arm movements can cause your video to be out of alignment. StableCAM Pro helps your phone with stability so you can capture incredible shots and videos.

  1. 3-axis stabilizer: The gimbal features a 3-axis stabilizer for incredibly stable videos. You can simply hold the gimbal with your phone attached with only one arm without worrying about destabilization.
  2. Intelligent tracking features: It features advanced tracking features that allows you to follow movements as they happen. This is especially helpful if you are out tracking and recording an animal’s movement in nature.
  3. Super stable videos and photos: The gimbal allows you to take incredibly stable videos and photos. It is made to be lightweight and easily held in one hand.
  4. Easy to use: Making use of it is also incredibly easy. Simple attach your phone to the head slot and switch on to video. You will see the difference in footage with your own eyes believe us.
  5. Durable: StableCAM Pro is also highly durable and is made to withstand a few bumps and drops before cracking under pressure.
  6. Effortless zoom: If you have never used your phone’s zoom feature since the footage gets really shaky, this is the correct time to try it again. StableCAM Pro allows you to zoom in without losing out on stability.
  7. Ideal for video creators: If you are a vlogger or simply like to record the outdoors, StableCAM can help you no matter what.

Pros and Cons


  1. Long battery life for longer video shoots
  2. Super portable
  3. Durable
  4. Reasonably priced
  5. 3-axis stabilizer


  1. Not as lightweight as it could have been
  2. Only available online

Where to buy StableCAM Pro and how much is it?

You can easily find your very own StableCAM Pro directly on their merchant website. Buying from them ensures you get the best deals and discounts the company so generously offers.

You can get a StableCAM Pro for less than $150. They offer bundles as well.

Final Verdict

When it comes to gimbals for your smartphone, you do have a lot of options to choose from. However, most of them are simple selfie sticks with no added benefits whatsoever. StableCAM Pro is not just a selfie stick but provides a lot more stability and allows you to create incredibly stable videos and take steady photographs. It works brilliantly and its 3-axis stabilization makes it an easy device to make use of.

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