StopSnore Clip Review – Best Anti-Snoring Nose Clip

Snoring is an issue not for the one who snores but for the ones that have their sleep disturbed. It can get really nasty and disturbing if nothing is done about it. Millions of people suffer from this condition and snore, quite loudly every night. This affects anyone and everyone who hears the snoring.

Irrespective of age and gender, snoring can easily impact anyone. Getting worse with age, it is much more common in adult men. In some cases, the snorer can also have their sleep affected, this in turn might impact mood and performance due to lack of rest.

Snoring is caused when the muscles in your throat relax and your tongue falls backward, this makes the airway smaller and vibrations are produced during the act of breathing. The smaller the airway, the louder the snoring. There are a number of ways your throat muscles might relax, age is the number one cause, alcohol is also a culprit and even excess fat in the throat also might cause a similar problem.

How to combat that you ask? Well, here is a new device that keeps you from snoring and disturbing your own and your partner’s sleep, the StopSnore Clip. This device instantly improves airflow and actively prevents snoring.

What is StopSnore?

StopSnore Clip is a small, easy to use device that improves airflow during sleep and prevents snoring. It is made of soft silicone that clips and applies gentle pressure inside your nose to stop you from snoring. The pressure is applied through tiny magnets that improve airflow during sleep as well as keeps the device from falling out at night.

Snoring can be quite an issue and having an active fix is more than necessary to keep your sleep, and people who sleep around you from being impacted. For that purpose, StopSnore Clip is something you should totally look into. It is a viable, instant fix for people who suffer from snoring issues.

Features Of StopSnore Clip

✅ Comfortable and lightweight

✅ Portable, Durable & Reusable

✅ Instantly improves breathing

✅ Reduces respiratory resistance

✅ Significantly reduces or completely stops snoring

✅ Drug-free and non-electronic

✅ Hypo-allergenic

How Does StopSnore Clip Work?

The magnets we mentioned, that make StopSnore Clip so effective, apply gentle pressure in the nose. This widens the nostrils and creates plenty of airway for you to breathe through. This increased airflow reduces snoring to a complete standstill. Breathing becomes easy and the throat vibrations that are caused by uneven airflow are completely eliminated or reduced until no longer visible.

The magnets also do a great job at keeping the device affixed to your nose so that they do not fall out at night. Thus, giving you instant and constant relief from snoring, providing restful nights.


  1. Instant relief from snoring
  2. Easy to use
  3. Drug-free
  4. Comes with a case
  5. Stays in place all night
  6. Therapeutic magnets promote healthy sleep


  1. Might take some time to get used to
  2. Might cause discomfort if you have a cold or a blocked nose

How to Use StopSnore Clip?

Using StopSnore Clip is pretty straightforward. It does not require much work to set in place in your nose.

stopsnore clip

To use StopSnore Clip, simply:

  1. Before going to sleep, insert and set StopSnore into your nasal opening
  2. StopSnore Clip gently widens the nasal cavity and promotes nasal breathing
  3. This reduces respiratory resistance
  4. Your body will automatically switch to nasal breathing once it is informed about the reduction in respiratory resistance
  5. This helps you sleep faster, better and requires no extra effort at all

What Should I Expect From StopSnore Clip?

Consumers often ask, what exact changes would they feel using StopSnore Clip. Is it effective or not, how instantaneous it is? Basically, questions that we can answer in a heartbeat. We have reviewed this product thoroughly and can declare with absolute certainty, that StopSnore can:

Stopsnore clip man sleeping
  1. Provide positive outcomes and keep you from snoring
  2. Improve sleep experience
  3. Improve your co-sleepers sleep experience
  4. Reduced stress and increased rest
  5. Increase productivity
  6. Cause zero interruptions during sleep hours
  7. Provides better rest, which in turn causes health to boost and reduce chances of illness and high blood pressure
  8. Help you breathe again, promoting nasal breathing

Benefits of StopSnore Clip

  1. Comfortable: The device is easy to use and causes you no irritation once pushed into the nose. It is incredibly comfortable and fits inside your nose with ease, causing no discomfort.
  2. Therapeutic Magnets: The primary component of StopSnore are the magnets that work towards keeping you from snoring. They also set the device in place once it is inside your nose. This keeps the device from falling out and works towards stimulating sensory nerves that help sleep better at night. Basically, multi-faceted magnets.
  3. Good for you, and your partner’s sleep: Snoring clearly does not affect just the snorer, but also people who try to get some shut-eye with your nasal tractor running. This causes your partner to lose out on precious sleep hours and suffer from exhaustion. Well, not anymore with StopSnore, think about your partner and keep them from having sleepless nights.
  4. A case to hold the device: Since hygiene can be an issue with devices you have to insert into cavities, StopSnore comes in a mini case that not only keeps them sterile but also keeps you from losing them.
  5. Quality materials: StopSnore is made comfortable and soft for a reason. The device is made to be as comfortable as possible and using non-intrusive materials, it has been made possible.
  6. Suitable for everyone: No matter your gender, age or size, StopSnore fits all and works seamlessly to stop you from snoring.
  7. Drug-free: StopSnore provides a drug-free experience towards snore-free nights.
  8. Eco-friendly: The materials used to make StopSnore are also 100% eco-friendly, reusable, and recyclable.

Rating StopSnore Clip

Ease of Use

StopSnore Clip is incredibly easy to use. Simply clip it inside your nose and you are good to go. You can keep using StopSnore all night without worrying about it falling out.


StopSnore Clip is also quite comfortable to wear all night. It does not cause discomfort and also keeps from falling out at night. Once you are used to it, you will have a peaceful night from then on.


The device is incredibly small and handy. It comes with a carrying case to keep it sterile and also from you losing them.


It is incredible that StopSnore Clip is this effective at reducing and even completely eliminating your snoring issues. The device works instantly and provides a beautiful sleeping experience.


The device does not require the use of drugs or electricity is anyway, shape, or form. This makes it even more desirable since you can always use it whenever you want without any prior rituals.


There are plenty of devices and drugs that keep you from snoring. To be fair with this review, we must talk about devices that are drug-free and use no electricity or batteries to work. StopSnore reigns high when it comes to devices that reduce snoring so effectively yet use no drugs or batteries. Products in the market are plenty that relies solely on medications to reach desired effects. This is what makes StopSnore Clip that much more reliable and desirable.

Where to Buy StopSnore Clip and How Much Is It?

You can buy StopSnore Clip easily from their official website. Buying directly from them ensures you get a legitimate product and can get offers and guarantees only they can provide. Delivered right to your doorstep, StopSnore also comes with multiple offers our readers can readily available.

You can get one StopSnore Clijp for $49.

Final Verdict

Snoring is quite the issue, and there is no demographic that is not affected by it. There are plenty of ways you can go about trying to find solutions and fix the issue, but most of them might include drugs and medication. Though it is not a terrible idea, a drug-free approach sounds more desirable, especially when it is just as much and even more effective.

stop snore clip

StopSnore Clip makes it possible for you to reduce congestion and respiratory resistance and makes it possible for you to have snore-free nights. We highly suggest you purchase this device to help you and your partner have a restful sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about StopSnore

Does StopSnore work?

StopSnore works instantly in helping you against snoring. They are a drug-free approach towards restful, snore-free nights.

Can they fall out at night?

No, they hardly do. The magnets allow the device to stay in place during use.

How to keep them sterile?

StopSnore comes with a carrying case that keeps you from losing it and also keeps them safe and sterile. The silicone the device is made from also contributes to it being clean.

Are they a better option than medication?

StopSnore uses a drug-free approach towards eliminating snoring. Some would argue StopSnore is a better way to help with snoring than any medication. We would also propagate the same. A drug-free approach that is just as much reliable and even more is clearly a better option than otherwise.

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