T-Watch Review – Super Durable, Supercharged Tactical Smartwatch

Similar to smartphones, smartwatches have become increasingly advanced. Similar to smartphones, smartwatches have also begun to dwindle in terms of durability and ruggedness. For example, the durability of earlier handsets were their primary selling points.

However, in the past few years we have collectively moved from giving note to durability, to completely being mesmerized by looks and features. There is nothing wrong with that, but it might be high time to bring that durability back. And a device with a high durability with all the modern features might just a miracle device.

You see where we are going with that do you not? Presenting T-Watch.

What is T-Watch?

T-Watch is a tactical watch with the features of a high-end smartwatch and the durability of a tank. Well, that is a little too far, but you get the idea. T-Watch is easily one of the most sturdy, rugged smartwatches we have tested in a while. With the features of a proper, high-end smartwatch, T-Watch has easily become one of our favourites here.

Bringing convenience, style and the charm of a conventional wristwatch, T-Watch is essentially a true modern man’s gadget.

T-Watch Features

Talking about smartwatches, there are a lot we have tested that were inexpensive sure but lacked most helpful features a good smartwatch offers. T-Watch is better than that, a cut above the rest.

  1. Inexpensive: T-Watch is not pricey at all. The amount of features you get are well worth, if not too many for the price you pay. Yes, it is the first time we might be complaining about how a cheap product offers too much for its price.
  2. Stylish: T-Watch also looks incredible. One of the most stylish looking smartwatches out there.
  3. Tactical, rugged, and highly durable: Being tactical, T-Watch is super durable and can withstand almost all types of weathers without failing even for a second.
  4. 4th generation gorilla glass: The screen is made from gorilla glass for added durability.
  5. Supercharged battery: Its supercharged battery can last you 33 months. Yes, you read that right. It can and will last you 33 whole months on a full charge.
  6. Multiple language support: It supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Portuguese, and Japanese.
  7. Japanese quartz working: Its inner working are based of reliable Japanese quartz.
  8. IP67 dust and waterproof: Rated IP67, this smartwatch is also dust and waterproof.
  9. Smartwatch features: It obviously comes with all the smartwatch features you can expect from it. Call reminders, notification alerts, stopwatch, social sharing, remote camera, and calendar and alarm settings are all available.
  10. Fitness band features: Not only smartwatch features, it also comes with additional fitness features that let you monitor sleep, steps taken, heart rate, and calorie intake.

Pros and Cons


  1. Super durable
  2. Supercharged battery
  3. Smartwatch features
  4. Fitness watch features
  5. Highly dust proof
  6. Waterproof
  7. Looks great


  1. Bigger for people with smaller wrists

Where can you buy T-Watch and how much is it?

You can easily get your very own T-Watch directly from the merchant website. Buying from them ensures you get all the offers and discounts the company provides.

You can get a T-Watch for $90.

Final Verdict

When it comes to smartwatches, we have tested plenty and we are sure you might have had enough options to choose from as well. However, T-Watch is something different. A class above most others we haves tested. This incredibly durable smartwatch provides you a wealth of features at an incredibly low cost. It is crucial to make sure your next smartwatch is better than the previous one. And trust us, not even T-Watch can be better than a T-Watch.

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