TikiTunes Review – Is it the Best Portable Wireless Speaker?

Are you looking for a good Bluetooth Speaker? Are you also looking for a lamp? How about getting one product and enjoy the benefits of both your requirements. TikiTunes is one of a kind speaker unit, giving you the opportunity to light up your dull afternoons with some music and its magical lighting effects.

What is TikiTunes?

If you are looking for some decent speakers with the added benefit of a cool looking lamp, TikiTunes is just for you. A one of a kind Bluetooth speaker, inspired by a Tiki Torch, the TikiTunes is aptly named and functions very well as a mood lamp as much as an awesome speaker. Made from high quality, durable materials and boasting quite a handsome sound quality, this Bluetooth speaker is a head-turner and a conversational piece of technology.

Specifications and Features of TikiTunes

TikiTunes runs via a Bluetooth connection on a 2000 mAh rechargeable battery life of around 6 hours of playtime. It comes with the ability to connect to another TikiTunes nearby to create a dual speaker setup, maximizing your stereo experience. Two TikiTunes within a 30 feet radius can be connected to each other with ease.

One of the primary selling points of the TikiTunes, besides its decent sound quality, is its design. The device also acts as an ambient LED lamp, emitting a flickering, atmospheric light for a perfect ambiance. The flickering light has a flame effect, inspired by actual tiki torches. Best used as mood lighting indoors and a funky ambient light outdoors

The speaker is durable and comes with an IP65 rating, meaning it is both water-resistant and dustproof, making it ideal for both, indoor and outdoor use.


The sound quality is exceptional with hard-hitting bass, so listening to it outdoors will be great in every regard. Its durability and portability are beyond what you pay for the device, and with its hefty battery, there are just hours to music to be heard along the way. The sizable buttons are easy to press and detailed, making it easy to use. Compatible with all Apple and Android devices, TikiTunes will prove to be a handy companion.

  • 2000mAh battery provides 6 hours of continuous playback
  • Ability to pair two or more TikiTunes
  • Aesthetic ambient flickering light
  • Tiki torch inspired flame effects
  • IP65 rating. Waterproof and dust proof.
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Good sound quality
  • Exceptional bass
  • Durable
  • Compatible with all Apple and Android devices and more.

Pairing Up TikiTunes

With the ability to use its dual sync feature, TikiTunes can give you an actual stereo experience. Here is a step by step guide on how to pair two TikiTunes

  1. Place both devices next to each other
  2. Turn them both on by pressing the power button in the middle once
  3. Press down on the power button on one of the devices until it starts flashing
  4. Repeat step 3 with the other TikiTunes device
  5. Prepare to pair your smartphone, PC or TV to the device and connect to either one of the TikiTunes device like you normally would with any other Bluetooth device
  6. Congratulations, now you can use both the speakers in conjunction with each other for a perfect stereo experience.


  1. Good sound quality
  2. Excellent design
  3. Ability to sync two TikiTunes
  4. Good battery life (up to 6 hours of playtime)
  5. Easy to set up and use
  6. Flame effects
  7. Durable
  8. Affordable


  1. Average speaker output
  2. Bulky as Bluetooth speakers go

Why Do You Need TikiTunes?

If you were looking for a lamp that you could use as speakers or speakers that you could use as a lamp, TikiTunes is just the thing for you. It’s flame’ effect is amazing and acts as great mood lighting. Couple that with pretty good sound quality, and you have something that you absolutely must invest in. TikiTunes is a great conversational piece and will have your friends talking about it constantly. The ability to connect two of these to pair them as a dual speaker system only adds to the fun. A true stereo experience and ambient mood lighting await.

Rating TikiTunes (4.7/5)

TikiTunes is a great investment. You get the benefits of a Bluetooth speaker and a great, ambient lamp.

Portability: Not as portable as many other Bluetooth speakers you can get on the internet, it still fulfills its purpose as a working, portable speaker. There are smaller Bluetooth speakers available, but they don’t offer the lights and effects TikiTunes offer.

Functionality: TikiTunes works well for what it is meant to do. It is by no means an excellent Bluetooth speaker, there are others out there, smaller with much better sound quality. But TikiTunes is so much more than just that. It provides pretty good sound quality and acts as a great ambient light source too.

Sound Quality: When it comes to sound quality, after rigorous testing, TikiTunes came out as an average speaker with good sound and a high enough volume. If simply sound quality is important to you, we suggest you look for other speakers too.

Lighting Effects: The lamp portion of TikiTunes is incredibly ambient. You can use it on an afternoon date with dim lights and slow music playing in the background. It creates a wonderful, aesthetic feel to wherever you plan to place it.

Durability: TikiTunes is IP65 rated, making it dust and waterproof. It is meant to be used outdoors during camping and such. But of course, you can use it indoors as your own personal side lamp plus portable speaker.

Aesthetics: Single-handedly improving the aesthetics of your house, or backyard, TikiTunes while one looks incredibly aesthetic and stands out as a one of a kind Bluetooth speaker.

Competition: After TikiTunes came into the market, some competition has arrived, but no one has matched both, the aesthetics and sound quality of TikiTunes. Otherwise, you can always get a Bluetooth speaker and a special flickering lamp separately.

Benefits Of Tikitunes

  • Pair Speakers Together (Customer Favorite!) – This unique and fun feature lets you easily pair two TikiTunes together for a true stereo sound.
  • Makes Any Atmosphere Way Cooler – The warm LED light flickers just like a fire and creates the perfect ambiance. Plus – it works with or without music!
  • Take It Everywhere (Indoors & Outdoors) – Portable and lightweight, it’s perfect for any trip. It’s also certified and proven to be dust tight and protected from water. Enjoy your music in rain, sun, or snow.
  • Keeps Going and Going – The high-quality 2000 mAh rechargeable battery allows music to play continuously for at least 6 hours (but many customers report up to 10 hours of play time).
  • So Easy, Anyone Can Use It – The buttons are large, easy to press, and straightforward – anyone can understand it (from little kids to non-techy adults).
  • Works With Apple & Android Devices – TikiTunes works with most smartphones.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee & 1 Year Warranty – If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied, you can easily return it, hassle-free!

How much does Tikitunes Cost And Where To Buy From?

TikiTunes is manufactured by a company called Limitless Innovations. The device is available on its official website. We suggest buying from their website itself to have a perfect buying experience. Keep in mind, the device is not itself sold in pairs. So, if you want to make a stereo out of two TikiTunes, you will have to purchase two devices.

Final Verdict

TikiTunes is a decent Bluetooth speaker whose primary selling point is the ambient lamp. It acts as much as a decorative piece as it does a speaker unit. The flicking lamp has a flame effect that mimics an actual tiki torch, making it absolutely wondrous to look at. It is portable, durable and lasts up to 6 hours on a single charge. The audio quality is only but decent, but for the price range, it is more than enough. Plus, you are getting the benefits of a mood light, so you cannot really complain here.

The device itself is well designed and made with quality materials, suited for indoor and outdoor uses. One of its other selling points is the ability to pair two TikiTunes to make a sort of a dual stereo unit for added music quality. It is extremely easy to use and is also dust and water-resistant. If the sound quality is improved upon, this device would reign supreme as one of the best in the market, mostly because of the added benefit of the unique light show that is put on.

How do you pair two TikiTunes?

Place both TikiTunes next to each other and switch on. On one of the speakers press and hold the power button until it starts flashing. Do the same with the other until it flashes too. Connect your phone with one of the speakers using Bluetooth and there you have it. Anything you play on one speaker will play on the other.

How good is TikiTunes sound quality?

There are plenty other Bluetooth speakers in the market with a far better sound quality in a smaller package than TikiTunes, but they do not offer the ambient, flickering light that is TikiTunes biggest selling point.

Is TikiTunes waterproof?

Yes, TikiTunes comes with an IP65 rating. Meaning it is waterproof and dust proof.

How do I connect my phone to the TikiTunes?

TikiTunes is a Bluetooth speaker. Simply switch on the device and start by switching on Bluetooth on your mobile phone. Find TikiTunes on the listed available devices to be paired and click on that. That is all. You have now successfully paired TikiTunes to your phone and can now enjoy music whenever you want

How do I change the volume of the TikiTunes Wireless Speaker?

On top of the device click on the (+) button to raise the volume. Similarly, click on the (-) button to stop pairing.

Is the TikiTunes rechargeable?

Yes, TikiTunes comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts around 6 hours of continuous playtime.

How often do you have to charge TikiTunes?

TikiTunes lasts around 6 hours at a full charge and continuous playtime. You can also use the device while it is on charge to play music and enjoy the flickering lights indefinitely.

Does TikiTunes come with a warranty?

Yes, TikiTunes comes with a 1-year warranty.

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