TotalTrim Pro Review 2021 – Must Have Grooming Kit for Men

TotalTrim Pro Review

A grooming kit is super essential for men. Not only does it allow you to style yourself, but also provides a much easier way to get your grooming underway without having to leave your house and spend a fair amount at a barber’s shop. Good grooming kits are exceptionally hard to find and there is no compromise to be made.

Which is why we bring to you TotalTrim Pro.

What is TotalTrim Pro?

TotalTrim Pro is a versatile trimming solution that provides precision and allows you to groom yourself in many different styles. It is perfect for an in-house grooming kit as well as provides exceptional help with grooming while travelling. It is quite portable and works on a rechargeable battery. It is also rust-proof and is made to be highly ergonomic as well.

Made with premium materials and boasting a sleek and elegant look, TotalTrim s easily one of the best, most high functioning grooming kits out there. You get a whole variety of combs and head types to use from, giving you total control over the grooming style. The trimmer itself is cordless and can handle any kind of hair, irrespective of hair density.

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TotalTrim Pro Features

This highly precise grooming kit is easily one of the best ones we have reviewed in a long time now. Due to its great application and ease of use features, TotalTrim is truly a must have for all men who take care of their own grooming needs.

  1. Cordless: TotalTrim is cordless in design and therefore does not tangle during use.
  2. Sleek and elegant: Its design is incredibly sleek and elegant.
  3. Effective on all hairs: No matter the density or length of your hair, TotalTrim is incredibly effective no matter the details.
  4. Highly precise and sharp: The device uses premium grade materials which allows the blade to be sharp and super precise.
  5. Super portable: The device is also really portable and can be carried on trips with ease.
  6. Rust-proof: A rust proof design means the blades are really long-lasting and do not cut when used.
  7. Ergonomic design: An ergonomic design means it does not slip out of your hands and allows you maximum precision during use.
  8. Rechargeable battery: It features a rechargeable battery that allows a prolonged usage without a lot of hassle.

Pros and Cons


  1. Cordless and rechargeable
  2. Ergonomic design
  3. Rust proof
  4. Sharp and precise
  5. Effective on all kinds of hair
  6. Smart and sleek design


  1. Carrying all attachments reduces portability

Benefits of TotalTrim Pro

  1. You get 5 head types – 3D surface acute angle cutter, dispelling hair cutter head, Vibrissae knife head, carving cutter head, and another haircut knife.
  2. Has a high powered 4 gear motor for easy gliding through the hair.
  3. Long-lasting Li-ion battery pack.
  4. A set of guide Combs for beginners- 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm.
  5. 110V cable and USB charger.
  6. The trimmer also comes with different brush types.
  7. Lubrication oil will be coming along with the kit.
  8. A very essential and 5 in 1 hair clipper kit that any age group can use.
  9. You can be flexible while trimming and can carry it anywhere.
  10. You can stay well-groomed and look perfect with a clean-cut beard.
  11. TotalTrim Pro is available at a reasonable price and loaded with the latest features to cater to your trimming needs.
  12. TotalTrim pro trimmer is waterproof.
  13. 5 hours of fast charging gives your 1-hour usage capacity.

Where to buy TotalTrim Pro and how much is it?

You can easily get your very own TotalTrim Pro directly on the merchant website. Buying from them allows you to avail all the tones of offers and discounts the company provides.

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You can get,

1 TotalTrim Pro for $79.19

2 TotalTrim Pro for $119.28

4 TotalTrim Pro for $179.43


Buy 2 TotalTrim Pro for $137.32 and get 1 free

Buy 3 TotalTrim Pro for $197.47 and get 2 free

Final Verdict

Grooming kits are a bother to purchase. There are a lot of those out there and buying the right one can prove difficult to say the least. You have to keep a mind about the durability, precision, and versatility of the device and not all kits can provide that. If they do, their prices can be astronomical. This is why we tested out TotalTrim Pro. It is an incredibly useful device and a must have trimmer for all men.

Customer Review

“I love TotalTrim Pro ultimate styling tool. I never like to go to any styling studio to have a hairstyle. But as I like my hair very much and want a pro-like hairstyle, I had to go there. Then found this amazing hair styling tool. It is very easy to use and gives a perfect hairstyle. The most interesting thing is you can give your hair a good style on your own. I must suggest everyone have this haircut tool in their bags”

Jim, Canada

“Total trimmer pro is one smooth ride. No bumps, no cuts, it just glides through hair cleanly. It takes me less than 15 minutes to do a full-body trim now. I am never going back to a razor”

Gary S, New York

“My beard has never looked better! I use TotalTrim Pro every couple of weeks just to clean up the edges and keep the shape defined. It makes a huge difference. It is also great for doing little touch-ups around my hairline. It adds some extra couple weeks onto the lifespan of my haircuts”

Stanley G, Los Angeles:

“I ordered two TotalTrim Pro, one for my head and one for everything else, and l use them both all the time. TotalTrim Pro is lightweight, powerful, and super easy to use, even on the hand to reach spots like shoulders and back. Best purchase l have made all year.”

George L, Chicago

“This is the best grooming tool l have ever owned. It is great for chest hair, back hair, and everything below the belt. This thing plows through the hair like a lawnmower and l have never had a single cut or nick”

Mike K, United Kingdom

“I never used to put much thought into how I style my beard: but TotalTrim Pro has been a game-changer for me. It is so easy to shape and style my facial hair, and it completely changes the look of my face. Now it looks like l have got an awesome chiseled jaw

Adrian B, United Kingdom

l liked mine so much I got two; one for the upstairs and one for downstairs. TotalTrim Pro Works great for cleaning up body hair, but it also fantastic for touch-ups between haircuts. Keeps all the hair on my head looking trim and clean. 5 stars review!

Jason K, United States

This trimmer – Total Trim Pro is officially sasquatch approved. I just shaved every hair off my body in one charge. It is powerful, easy to handle, and small enough to get in around tight corners. No razor burn, no snags , just smooth clean trimming

Newman C.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use TotalTrim Pro for my face and body Hair?

Yes, it works great on all parts of your body and that includes your face, hair, and body. However, it’s advisable to have a dedicated clipper for facial hair and body hair if you love having a good hygiene

Is this TotalTrim Pro safe for use on delicate parts of my body

Sure, this hair trimmer works perfectly on these areas too as it was designed to move through your hair smoothly without nicking on them. It is 100% safe for those sensitive areas.

Can I use TotalTrim Pro in the shower

Yes you can, if you use it carefully. This trimmer has a waterproof head. However, it is not advisable at all to make fully immersed in water.

How do I clean TotalTrim Pro?

Contained in its kit is a brush and lubricating oil that is used to removing any hair from your trimmer blades. The oil is used to keep the motor of your TotalTrim Pro hair trimmer running

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