TruLight Review – A Portable Light Source for Seamless Video Calling

Meetings and video calls are everyday feature for the business class, even employees. However, the primary issue with these sorts of calls can be the lighting.

Lighting affects a lot during conversations. If you are clearly visible, you might be that much more effective at reaching conclusions. Dull lighting is a put-off and does not look professional at all. How to overcome this problem you ask?

Well, there are a few solutions. Firstly, choose the best, most well-lit spot for your meetings at home. If you want a more immediate and effective solution, we bring to you TruLight.

What is TruLight?

TruLight is a portable ring light that you can carry with you anywhere and hook onto any smartphone or laptop to achieve perfect lighting anywhere you are. If you are into photography or taking selfies, TruLight can provide in that regard too.

It is a strong light that can easily light up your face, ready for any meeting or video call in a matter of seconds. The flawless light is emitted by 36 high-brightness LED lamps which provides a natural fill during low light conditions.

TruLight Features

When it comes to ring lights, a lot of content creators and speakers tend to use it for its consistent brightness. They are effective at lighting up an area and are perfect for recording, or video calling. TruLight is much like a ring light, just more compact and much more portable.

  1. Universal: TruLight can hook on to and fit every smartphone, tablet and laptop, making it universally compatible to use with all devices.
  2. Soft, strong light: The light is emitted by 36 high-brightness LED lamps that provide a soft and natural light.
  3. Adjustable levels: It comes with three adjustable levels for you to choose from depending on the existing light conditions.
  4. Uses batteries: It uses 2 AAA batteries for power. They can last a decently long time depending on your use. It does not hurt to carry some extra batteries if the need arises.
  5. Durable: Being an LED light, it can be susceptible to damage and breakage, however, TruLight uses strong, durable materials that constitute the chassis.
  6. Portable: The device is made highly lightweight and portable.

Pros and Cons


  1. Easy to use
  2. Unique clamp design
  3. Universal and can be used with any device
  4. Adjustable levels
  5. Strong, natural light
  6. Durable and portable


  1. Uses generic batteries over rechargeable ones

Where to buy TruLight and how much is it?

You can buy your very own TruLight directly from their manufacturer’s website. They offer a tonne of discounts to new customers and additional offers as well. With that, you are also guaranteed a legitimate product with a secure payment gateway.

You can get TruLight for less than $50.

Final Verdict

When it comes to lighting during meeting and important video calls, we do not want you scuttling right when it is about to begin. This is for all those working folks that simply need a device that can provide consistent, natural light while they can spend time on plans and negotiations. The device is also pretty helpful if you are into taking selfies.

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