TVRoxx Smart TV Hub Review – The Smartest TV Hub?

Streaming has taken over cable TV and cable TV might not be completely irrelevant right now, it certainly is quite obsolete. There is so much you can get while streaming. Entertainment, sports, and news all at your fingertips. Streaming has transformed the TV landscape and how we view entertainment.

There are ways you can get streaming your favourite shows and movies. The easiest of which include streaming on your phone, on your computer, or on a smart TV. However, there is another way to stream on a basic TV without much hassle and under quite reasonable circumstances.

Enter, TVRoxx Smart TV Hub.

What is TVRoxx Smart TV Hub?

A revolutionary device that works on Android and works towards turning your basic TV into a smart one. Once connected, it allows you to stream online content as well as photos and videos from your phone or tablet.

It is capable to run all popular media streaming websites. You can easily switch on your Smart TV Hub and get to streaming Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and so much more. Not only streaming services, TVRoxx also runs useful apps like Skype and WhatsApp. This gives you capability to even facetime friends and family using the device on your not-so-basic-now TV.

Its plug and play feature and operations over an Android OS makes this device one of the best ones to use and turn a basic TV into a proper Smart TV.

TVRoxx Features

When it comes to features, TVRoxx provides more when compared to other devices with similar potentials. Since it uses Android, the hub completely changes the game and makes you totally independent of your own entertainment.

TVRoxx provides:

  1. Android Gaming
  2. Web browsing
  3. Music streaming
  4. Live streaming
  5. High definition video and audio quality
  6. Even 4K ultra HD streaming
  7. 60Hz refresh rate
  8. 4 USB ports, a SPDIF slot, an ethernet port and a TF slot for connectivity
  9. Ability to turn your basic TV into a proper, smart home theater system, once paired with good speakers

How to use TVRoxx?

TVRoxx works over a simple method. It uses a proper Android OS to convert a normal TV into a smart TV. It works over plug and play; therefore, it is really easy to start up and make use of.

To use TVRoxx, simply:

  1. Plug the hub to your TV using the HDMI cable
  2. Connect your smartphone or your tablet to the hub using WiFi
  3. Start setting up the Hub using the instructions
  4. Once done, you are free to stream anything you want. Audio and video both are reproduced in full HD quality

Pros and Cons


  1. Easy to use
  2. Plug and play
  3. Supports 4K ultra
  4. Transforms a basic flatscreen into a proper smart TV


  1. Can be difficult to set up if you do not have prior knowledge of TV hubs

Where to buy TVRoxx and how much is it?

TVRoxx is easily available on their merchant website. There are proper advantages of buying directly on their official website. It also ensures a legitimate product. You can also avail exciting discounts if you go ahead and shop with us.

The available packages are the following:

  • Cinema Starter Pack at $89.69, retailing at $137.99
  • Silver Theater Pack at $165.59, retailing at $275.98
  • Gold Forever Pack at $206.99, retailing at $413.97
  • Diamond Class HD Pack at $254.94, retailing at $551.96

You can also make payments in 4 instalments if you wish to.

Final Verdict

When it comes to TV casters and hubs, there are lot of them out there. Unfortunately, there are only a few that can take full advantage of an Android OS to provide users with a proper, quality device capable of performing in 4K ultra graphics.

TVRoxx stands out amongst all basic casters as one of the better smart TV hubs that is capable of streaming multiple online websites, on-phone applications and even more, all in full HD and beyond.

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