TVShareMax Review – Transform your TV into a Smart TV!

In today’s world of extensive and limitless streaming, watching content on your mobile just does not cut it. Entertainment is heavily available and trust me, you would want to watch most of it on a big screen. Viewing movies and such on a small screen is simply not that exciting. You need something more, something better, a more functional way towards watching movies.

Big screens provide a perfect way to be up close and personal with that thriller TV show you wanted to start watching. Comedy movies are much more fun when streamed on a big screen and watched with your loved ones.

Now, not everybody has a smart TV and streaming ready to go. To pursue that thought, we bring to you TVShareMax. An incredible device that lets you stream online content, or basically, share your mobile screen onto your TV. The TV does not need to be particularly a smart one or one of those pricey models, but TVShareMax works with a normal TV as well.

One of the more innovative gadgets in the market, TVShareMax is a much-needed device for entertainment lovers who want to share their mobile screens onto their TVs. This not only works for online content, but also for games and music and so much more.

What is TVShareMax?

TVShareMax is a plug and play device that turns your ordinary TV into a smart TV. The device lets you stream your phone onto your TV set to view online content or play games on the big screen using your mobile.

If you view online streaming services on your phone and wish to display all of that onto a bigger screen, TVShareMax is just the thing for you. With this device you can take your entertainment to the next level.

It is also incredibly simple to use. You only have to plug it to your TV, connect to your WiFi and then to your phone. This lets you project your phone display onto your TV, giving your entertainment levels a much-needed boost.

It is a portable USB device that can turn any TV into a fully functional smart home cinema. You can enjoy online content to streaming services and even play games using your phone. TVShareMax is truly an entertainment junkies dream device.

Why TVShareMax?

Entertainment changes, your viewing experience changes and where you view movies and such changes too. Cable TV has lost the battle to online streaming and has been left behind as an entertainment relic. The sheer amount of options available as online streaming has caused everything in between to simply die out. You can literally pick up any series, any movie you want, new or old and watch them without any hassle.

Now, streaming services obviously cater to all kinds of needs. You can also view content on your phone. But, at home, a big screen has its own charm. You simply cannot watch everything on your mobile. Yes, if you are travelling or such, a mobile might come in handy and provide you with endless entertainment, but at home, you need to play your cards differently.

This is where TVShareMax comes in. It works towards converting your ordinary TV into a smart one by connecting your phone to it. This lets you stream endless content onto your TV using your phone. Yes, technology has reached this far. TVShareMax supports multiple streaming services and lets you watch movies without any difficulty and by using minimum resources.

TVShareMax Specifications

TVShareMax is an incredibly useful device, especially for people like us who own a basic TV and want to make the most out of it. Now using this device, you can easily mirror your mobile’s screen onto your TV and totally transform your entertainment habits and experience.

  1. Multiple modes available, including Airplay, DLNA, Miracast, cross-system mirroring and AirMirror.
  2. Compatible with multiple streaming services and online content, including HBO, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and more.
  3. Supports H.265 coding
  4. HDMI output
  5. Plug and play device
  6. Supports Android 4.4 or greater, iOS 9.0 or greater and MacOS 10 or greater.
  7. Uses WiFi to connect and stream

TVShareMax Features

TVShareMax is one of the better devices that offer similar features. There are a few more devices that provide you with a similar service, but in light of our testing, TVShareMax reached above and beyond other such devices.

Its primary features include:

  1. Compatibility with multiple streaming services: You can watch anything from Netflix to YouTube, Amazon Prime to Hulu and so much more.
  2. Universal support across Android and iOS users: Work seamlessly with all kinds of devices, be it Android or iOS. You can pair TVShareMax with your tablet and laptop as well.
  3. High definition video and audio services: The picture and sound that is displayed is full HD and offers up to 60 frames per second. If you wish to use it for gaming, you can without any worries or hassle.
  4. Lightweight and portable: Most similar gadgets we reviewed were portable but really bulky. TVShareMax is a step ahead and the device is so incredibly small, it can fit in your pocket. This makes it ultra-portable.
  5. Can be used on any TV, irrespective of model: You do not need a smart TV to make this work. A simple, basic TV is all you require. TVShareMax converts a simple TV into a smart one without a lot of effort.
  6. Also works with multiple applications on your mobile: Not only streaming services and games, but you can also use TVShareMax to display a variety of different applications on your phone. For example, facetime your friends and watch them on the big screen using the device.

Is TVShareMax really worth it?

We answer questions exactly on the lines of this. Is a device worth it? Is TVShareMax worth it? After countless hours dedicated to testing features and quality of the device, we think that TVShareMax is totally worth it. Especially at the price it is offered at.

I mean, calculate the price of buying a smart TV, then getting subscriptions for all the streaming channels you use. The price simply does not compare to what you pay for TVShareMax. It is not just the low price that makes it worthwhile, but the compatibility, features, portability, and design all combined that make TVShareMax a total treat of a device.

It is incredibly simple to hook up to your TV and your phone. Once done it provides you endless hours of entertainment and lets you do so much more than just simply stream. We will argue, it might be a better investment than a smart TV, since you get all the features a smart TV can provide, plus more, with TVShareMax.

How does it work?

TVShareMax is an incredibly simple to use device. You get streaming channels ready on your fingertips and since you mirror your smartphone screen, you can also use your TV to display games you play on your phone and applications you use. You only but need a valid account on whichever streaming channel you prefer, and this is all you need to get started.

To make use of TVShareMax, you must simply:

  1. Plug the TVShareMax to your TV using the provided HDMI cable
  2. Connect the device to your WiFi and connect your phone to the same WiFi
  3. Establish connection between TVShareMax and your phone using the instructions given
  4. Fire up your TV and any streaming platform on your phone
  5. There you have it, entertainment at your fingertips

TVShareMax Benefits

There are plenty of benefits of using TVShareMax over other similar devices. You can even opt for this over buying a new smart TV if you are low on budget. It provides a similar, or dare I say, a better experience overall.

  1. Compatibility: TVShareMax can be paired with a variety of devices. Android and iOS phones can be easily used to stream content to your TV. You can also use tablets and even pair your laptop with the device.
  2. Easy to use: The device is incredibly simple to use and does not require much when it comes to connecting and such. Once connected, you only have to select on your phone what will be displayed onto the TV.
  3. Full HD streaming: The reproduced video and audio are full HD, and no loss of quality takes place. The video also has zero lag, meaning there is no time lost in displaying the picture on screen. This is especially useful when you play games using TVShareMax.
  4. Ability to mirror mobile screen: Since the device lets you mirror your mobile screen, there are a wealth of different things you can do with that. You can easily use application while they are displayed on the big screen. Facetiming and playing games is an absolute treat with TVShareMax.
  5. Supports multiple streaming services: You can stream HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube and so much more using TVShareMax.
  6. Supports multiple videos, audio, and picture formats: The device also lets you view videos, listen to audios, and look at pictures. This is done seamlessly since it supports a multitude of different formats.
  7. Reasonably priced: TVShareMax is quite reasonably priced and some of our colleagues actually preferred buying this over a proper smart TV. I think that speaks for itself.

Pros and Cons

  • Durable and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Supports multiple formats over multiple platforms
  • Universally compatible
  • HD display
  • Reasonable
  • Only available online
  • Might prove a challenge to connect for people totally not used to technology

Rating TVShareMax

  1. Ease of use: TVShareMax is incredibly easy to use. Since it is a plug and play device, the device only needs to be plugged into your TV unit, connected to your smartphone and that is all you need to completely transform your entertainment lifestyle.
  2. Compatibility: TVShareMax is also compatible with multiple formats, over multiple streaming platforms and with multiple smartphones irrespective of the OS. You can use it to view online content, look at your personal photographs, play games and so much more.
  3. Build: TVShareMax is much smaller than any device that provides similar features. The size of the device was one of the key reasons we sought to review it and see how it handles and works. It is quite robust and durable as well.
  4. Price: The price at which TVShareMax is available is something unimaginable. We have reviewed multiple similar products, but none of them match the features at the price TVShareMax is sold at. It is cheap and functional at the same time.
  5. Competition: There are a few other devices in the market today that provide similar features as TVShareMax. You can get devices that are identical but cost twice as much and take twice the time to setup. Safe to say, TVShareMax reigns high on devices that provide you with the ability to stream on your TV using your phone.

Where can I buy TVShareMax and how much is it?

TVShareMax is only available online and will not appear on offline shelves. We highly suggest you purchase TVShareMax from their official website. This ensures you get a legitimate product with no defects at all.

Not only that, but buying from their official website through us, you can avail a tonne of different discounts and offers.

The TV Share Max retailing price is about $60.

So many incredible offers waiting for you if you use the link below to be redirected to their official website. Do not wait. Limited stock. Shop now!

Final Verdict

TVShareMax is a great product for anyone who wishes to view online content seamlessly. You can of course buy a smart TV, but it does not offer you options and features that are included with the TVShareMax. We used the device for a long time and compared it to similar devices and even a proper smart TV setup. The amount of options TVShareMax provides are well greater than either of its competitors can.

Entertainment today has reached an all-time high and making sure you make the most of what you have is paramount. TVShareMax will allow you to reach those heights and transform your entertainment experience.

Does TVShareMax require an internet connection?

No, not particularly. It does require you to connect to your WiFi though. You have to connect the device to your WiFi and then connect your phone to the same WiFi as well. Though it may not directly require internet, it does require the WiFi to connect the device to your smartphone. You obviously need an active internet on your phone to view online content.

Can I watch sports?

Yes, you can. If you have a dedicated streaming channel for sports, you can easily view using your phone.

What streaming services are supported?

Most of the major streaming services are supported by TVShareMax. From HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Prime, there are a wealth of streaming channels you can tune in to.

What about streaming music?

Yes, TVShareMax also allows you to stream music. Either local music stored on your phone, or you can use Spotify to listen to some tunes.

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