VapeSan Pro Review 2021 – A No-Touch Hand Sanitizer

VapeSan Pro Review

Sanitizers have become a part of life now. However, while in public places, we would rather not touch the sanitizer spray or bottle to avoid any unnecessary germs transfer. Sanitizers are getting hands free slowly and we are following suite.

Testing out products in the market that relate to hygiene is one of our primary concerns these days and for that reason we bring to you the brand new in hygiene technology, the VapeSan Pro.

Using a public sanitizer can sometimes cause an involuntary spread of germs and diseases. In this pandemic specially, we simply must avoid any unnecessary contact and even go hands-free with the new VapeSan Pro.

What is VapeSan Pro?

VapeSan Pro is a zero-touch use hand sanitizing device that works over motion sensing to provide you a proper, hands-free approach towards self-hygiene. It can be employed by an entire family and can even be used at offices and other public spaces.

VapeSan Pro Review

Since it works off of motion sensors, it is one of the cleanest ways to maintain hygiene. This new-age product is one of a kind and successfully reduces the transmission of bacteria and viruses. VapeSan Pro is portable, durable, and viable product to use this pandemic. It follows all safety standards following health and hygiene.

VapeSan Pro Features

When it comes to hygiene, we cannot be cavalier, especially during such trying times. VapeSan Pro could be an answer to all your hygiene problems. Its features include,

  1. Motion activate trigger: The no-touch feature makes sure you get your dose of sanitizer without having to risk transferring germs on to yourself.
  2. Effective and quick to dispense alcohol-based sanitizer: The motion activation is quick and effective. Once you get close enough, the device will automatically dispense sanitizer for you to use.
  3. Easy to use and can be utilized by children and adults: Since it is so easy to use, it can be used by anyone and does not prove to be hazardous in any situation.
  4. Rechargeable battery: It comes with a rechargeable battery to ensure it runs for a long time. It can charge up pretty quickly as well and proves a perfect hygiene companion while going out on trips and such.
  5. Portable and durable: The device is also incredibly portable and durable. You can take it with you to the outdoors without any hassle or worry.It is incredibly lightweight and can easily fit inside your bag.
  6. Safe and efficient: The device meets all safety standards and is made to be really effective and safe to use.
  7. Design: The aesthetic feel to the device makes it that much more desirable. You can purchase it and it will enhance any modern décor with ease.

How does VapeSan Pro work?

VapeSan Pro works off an activated motion trigger. This provides a no-touch application of the sanitizer inside and makes sure there is no unnecessary transfer of germs and viruses. Perfect for the use of children as well, VapeSan is easily one of the more effective ways towards hygienic bliss.

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Now, you simply need to,

  1. Charge your VapeSan Pro and fill it with your choice of alcohol-based sanitizer
  2. It is mounted with infrared sensors and can easily tell when someone wants to use it
  3. As soon as you put your hand over the sensor, which is on the top of the device, it effectively dispenses the right amount of sanitizer right on to your hands
  4. This actually even prevents dripping and leakage, thereby reducing wastage

The device has a capacity of 0.9L per refill and for every use, it dispenses 1ml of sanitizer fluid. Therefore, each refill can last you up to 900 uses.

Where to buy VapeSan Pro and how much is it?

VapeSan Pro is easily available to purchase right at their official website. There are a tonne of different offers the company generously provides, which makes it ideal to purchase directly from them.

You can get,

1 VapeSan Pro for $58.97, retailing at $117.93

2 VapeSan Pro for $108.94 and get one free of cost

3 VapeSan Pro for $148.91 and get two free of cost

An additional 3-year warranty for $9.00

Final Verdict

When it comes to hygiene, you can never be too safe. VapeSan Pro is an economical product that provides you with a potentially life-saving feature. The no-touch application of VapeSan Pro makes it ideal for use in the current times. It is easily one of the better products out there that can help us protect ourselves and our families.

Maria works closely with products relating to health and medicine. An ex-nurse by profession, she is actively involved in figuring out the effects of medicines and health-based products.

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