Volterman Wallet Review – A Great Design Wallet

Volterman Wallet Review

Wallets are not simple anymore. They have transcended basic needs and we are seeing a huge rise in what is being called – The Smart Wallet.

One such product is the Volterman Wallet. Gaining huge support from the community with a successful IndieGoGo campaign, Volterman Wallet boosted itself into the market.

Integrating smart technologies and allowing your wallet to be actively connected to technology, Volterman Wallet had seamless and unique functions never seen before in wallets. It acts like a wallet, meaning you can easily store money, receipts, cards and such in your wallet, but at the same time, it can even charge your phone, or act as a portable WiFi hotspot.

Yes! The future seems right now, does it not? So, having said that, how effective is the Volterman Wallet? Does it stand the tests ViralTech sends products through? Or does it fail in the face of testing?

Volterman Wallet came into the market in 2017, before that, there were plenty unsuccessful trials to launch a smart wallet. Volterman did shine through and allowed the smart wallet industry to really get going.

But is Volterman too good to be true? Does it really provide everything it promises without any discrepancies? Well, not exactly. The wallet is a great idea on paper. It is also well designed by the company, however, the lack of experience when it comes to new gadgets clearly shows with Volterman. The wallet is great for backup, but something to completely rely on? No, not at all unfortunately.

Volterman Wallet Review

Volterman Smart Wallet is truly a revolutionary concept for a wallet that not only allows you to store money, but provide truly remarkable abilities as well. It has a built-in tracker, offers features like thief detection camera, distance alarm, acts as a global WiFi hotspot, and has a built-in power bank. Something like this is done correctly could really be revolutionary. However, Volterman leaves much to be desired with their line of smart wallets.

It is a functional device, do not get us wrong. But, it is not the quality we all hoped it would be. If it were, this could have been a game changer.

So, what does Volterman offer? Let us see.

You Can Never Lose a Volterman Smart Wallet

Well, Volterman Smart Wallet comes with a variety of features that does not allow it to get lost. It comes with a Bluetooth alarm system that pairs with your phone using its native application. If you wallet and your phone are too far apart, the system detects a possible theft and sounds an alarm on your smartphone, alerting you of the obvious.

It comes with a fully functional GPS tracking system. The companion app shows the exact location of the wallet making it that much easier to find. A tiny anti-theft camera is also installed on the wallet. If you have lost your wallet, or it has been stolen, simply go to the app and set it to lost mode. Once done, as soon as someone opens your wallet, it captures a picture and sends it back to your mobile.

Volterman Wallet does allow you to be theft save with their line of smart wallets. Now, you can easily keep your cards and cash safely without worrying too much about losing it forever.

Power Bank

In additional to the tracking systems, Volterman also provides you features that include a built-in power bank to keep your phone charged on the go. This power bank does not hold a large charge, simply because the battery is not big at all. However, it can be used in an emergency situation where the power bank can easily provide a few minutes of extra charge to your phone.

WiFi Hotspot

The Volterman Wallet even provides you a WiFi hotspot in case you need it. It is a super effective way to make sure you get some internet even in the most isolated of places. The internet charges that come with Volterman are also quite low. However, during testing it was realized that Volterman provides a very sub-par version of the basic internet we have become accustomed to. The hotspot is not really powerful and requires the connected device to be really close to the wallet in order to work. However, the prices of this internet is much cheaper than regular connections.

RFID Protection

Well, what would be a smart wallet without RFID protection. RFID protection makes sure that your cards are totally safe inside your wallet. Since digital theft has boomed heavily in these past few years, RFID protection is necessary when it comes to protecting your identity as well as you bank cards.

Pricing and Availability

Volterman Wallet started as an IndieGoGo campaign and has now blossomed into an entire online store. it is easily available in multiple sizes and capabilities on their merchant website. You can choose your wallet according to your requirements directly from them. The basic bi-fold smart wallet is easily one of the best ones for everyday use. It can easily hold multiple cards, cash, and receipts, without getting overly bulky. Their travel wallet is slightly bigger and allows for more compartments, which equals more space, and in this case, a bigger power bank for a longer charge. They even have simple card holders as well with fully functional RFID technology as well.

You can get your very own Volterman Wallet depending on your preference and requirement. They start at around $150 and can go up accordingly.

Once you have the wallet, simply install the native companion application that goes with the wallet. The companion app is available for both Android and iOS.


Volterman Features

Are you looking for a wallet that not only allows you to carry cash and your cards but also does more than that? Well, how far could you be looking realistically. Most people tend to get a basic wallet with an added RFID function at max. Now, RFID has become necessary in these years and for the right reasons. You simply should protect your identity and your bank cards. However, Volterman is something more than that. It is a smarter wallet.

Not only can you use it as a basic RFID wallet, but it comes packed with smart features. GPS tracking, a global WiFi hotspot, your choice of vegan or genuine animal leather, waterproof abilities, lightweight, and even with a built-in power bank with wireless charging potential.

  1. Slick & Powerful: Packed with 7 SMART life-saver functions Volterman will help in many annoying situations that can happen to anyone. From charging your smartphone to sharing Wi-Fi, Volterman can also serve as a backup for your media and files.For your smartphone and AirPods.
  2. Wireless charger: Built-in Powerbank to charge your smartphone and AirPods wirelessly or with a cable.
  3. Global Wi-Fi Hotspot: Internet access anywhere you travelFree up space in your smartphone.
  4. Built-in Memory Card 64GB: Easily transfer photos, videos and other data to your wallet.
  5. Distance Alarm: Get sound notifications on your smartphone every time you leave your wallet behind.
  6. GPS Tracking: Get the real-time exact location of your wallet with global GPS tracking.

Does Volterman Work?

Well, when we set out to test these smart wallets, our excitement knew no bounds. However, once we started learning more about the product, there were tons of reviews that marked Volterman as a scam. Now, we decided to dig deeper into this crowdfunded campaign that started almost 3 years ago.

Their Trust Pilot page is littered with 1 star reviews and people absolutely hemorrhaging the company with terrible reviews. As we dug deeper, we realized a lot of the customers did not even receive their wallets let alone trying them out. This was a really shady practice on their part and we knew we simply had to see what the fuss was all about.

We tried to order a few Volterman Wallets to test the product out for ourselves. Now, the delivery did take some time, but we finally received our product around 4 days late. We had not given up hope, only because this wallet could have been the real deal, the game changer, something we could tell our reader about.

So, what do we think about the Volterman Wallet?

Firstly, the wallet is a lot more bulky that you realize. It is just clever photography that makes it look so slim. Secondly, the features and functions of the wallet though great on paper, do not always work the way you want it to. Simply put, the features it promises have a 50-50 chance of working.

We paired a Volterman Wallet to an iPhone and had a colleague run away as far as possible imitating a theft. The alarm did not sound the first time. We tested it again, this time the alarm did sound. A few tests later we realized this smart wallet did its job, but only sometimes. There is simply no consistency here.

However, it does provide everything it states. It is just not state of the art technology that works all the time. It makes a great conversational piece. You know, telling your friend what all your wallet can do. Volterman is good for that.

Pros and Cons


  • Built-in power bank to fully charge your smartphone both wired and wirelessly
  • Global GPS Tracker to locate your smart wallet everywhere in real time
  • Worldwide WiFi hotspot ensure you have an internet, wherever you travel
  • Thief Detector Camera takes a photo of the person who opens your smart wallet when it’s in lost mode
  • Bluetooth Alarm System does not only notify you every time you leave your wallet behind, it sends alarm signals when you leave your phone behind as well
  • With all the tech inside, Volterman is slim and lightweight made from premium quality materials.


  • The hidden cards slot comes with no pull tag, so taking the cards out is no easy thing.
  • As for the first use, we got the wallet that was not able to connect to the app.
  • Based on the company feedback, logistics are not up to the mark.
  • Weak customer care
  • Features glitch often
  • Bulky wallet

Customer Reviews

Jack L.
“I got the wallet, its really bulky and doesn’t power on. the app is bad too, cannot register, getting error 400. My wallet is BULKY (not like the photos or videos AT ALL), has terrible stitching and none of the functions work even at 100% charge. How it take you this long to produce such crap? You’re Facebook and email “support” is freaking TRASH. Copy/pasted responses that will NEVER lead to a solution. You got your money and made a shit product. Congratulations”

Bobby F.
“I have contacted the seller numerous times and keep referring me to videos as if I watch it numerous times the wallet will fix itself. I cant even use this as a simple power bank.”

Bret H.
“After the long waiting for more than a year. You send me a garbage thing called a Volterman wallet. The wallet cannot be power on. I tried to charge it for 1 hour but I think the whole wallet die.”

Sasha C.
“Firstly, the wallet was an entire week late. Secondly, it was really difficult to make use of it because of no clear instructions. I tried to figure out the features, but they were very glitchy. Some features work really well. The battery charger for example works well enough. Wireless charging, however, is not that effective. Overall the product could have been something really wonderful, but it turned out to be really mediocre at best.”

Martin R.
“Received it, but very upset by the overall quality. Stitches are bad. Battery doesn’t hold charge. iOS App has sync problems with the wallet, impossible to get taken photos. And finally, the wallet is a lot more bulky than expected. Don’t waste your money. If you care about money keep it. They will rob you. I have not seen my wallet and I have waited over 2 years. They just steal your money and ignore your questions/concerns.”

Paris K.
“I backed this via indiegogo in February of 2018. After numerous messages asking on the status of my order I kept getting replies that they could not give me an update on when my wallet would arrive. They stopped their updates to backers in December of 2019. I have no idea if or when I will receive my wallet. As others have stated, this appears to be a fraudulent business.”

Benny C.
“The experience was excruciatingly regretful supporting a good idea that failed to deliver what was promised. Excuse after excuse delay after delay & products of such poor quality that I’ve never used at all as it failed to work as it advertised. These guys have made themselves rich but only for a short while, game is up.”


The Product

After doing some more searching we were able to find some people who said they did indeed receive their Volterman only to find the wallet isn’t exactly what Volterman advertised. One user on Reddit states the wallet is ‘far bigger’ than what was advertised with some horrid quality including terrible stitching and an app that fails to work. 

We also managed to find a video unboxing of someone who received their Volterman. It’s clear from the video itself the wallet is not what was advertised and the clear lack of quality control is evident.

Final Verdict

Honestly, Volterman is nothing more than a scam. It’s clear through clever marketing and fantastic photography that the brand is advertising something better than they can actually produce within the money they’ve raised.

This is apparent through the few video reviews we have on the wallet and the clear fact the wallet isn’t the same as what was advertised in their original campaign. 

That combined with the fact the wallet is priced at over $200 on their website shows how little they care for anything other than trying to squeeze a quick buck out of anyone or everyone who shows interest in the wallet. The company only has one thing in mind, money, and are doing everything necessary to mislead consumers and delay the wallet as much as possible. Buy at your own risk.

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