Xtra PC Review – Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Want to move to Linux? and experience the Open Source ecosystem where you can play around with the commands in the terminal. Well, for this you don’t really need to install Linux. It may strike your mind with a big HOW?? Here’s the complete Xtra PC review where you can find its features and benefits for rookie pc users.

Computers are essential for the functionality of the modern world. If you are a student writing their assignments, or in the workforce, finishing your daily tasks, a slow computer will hinder your progress and cost you precious time.

If you are tech-savvy and you understand computers, you can fix your PC with a little bit of effort and know-how. Most computer-friendly people install the Linux Operating System with their regular OS as a stand-in when their primary OS fails or in other words dual booting the two different OS. But what if you are not really tech-savvy? Getting expensive maintenance is an option, but what if you do not have the budget for it. Buying another laptop will only put a dent in your wallet, so that is not really an option.  This is where Xtra PC comes into action.

What is Xtra PC?

A tiny, but effective flash drive, the Xtra PC USB plugs into your PC’s USB port and within seconds, bypasses your slow OS and replaces it with a fully functioning Linux Operating System. Linux, if you do not know, is an incredibly fast and user-friendly OS.

So, if your current OS is acting up, slow, or completely broken down, Xtra PC will help you bypass that and give you full access to your files and data before you can eventually get it fixed. That might sound complicated, but, the Xtra PC USB is incredibly easy to use, a simple flash drive that easily restores your PC to working order without any hassle or tech knowledge. You can also use it as an external drive that gives you some extra storage if you are trying to backup some files from your broken PC.

It practically works on any computer and acts as an “Xtra” PC for times you might have trouble accessing your files and data. You do not have to install anything else, just plugging in the USB to your PC gives you full access to a working Linux OS which you can use to get into your broken computer.

The Xtra PC is meant to run on a slow or a dead computer, and make it working like it was brand new. The OS comes with, Linux which has garnered respect and popularity amongst computer geeks as a fast and non-vulnerable operating system, which makes it perfect for this device. Launch your dead, or dying PC with this device, now running on Linux and clean up your space, fix issues, or run programs that could potentially help your case.

XtraPC Features

There are a plethora of incredibly useful features the Xtra PC offers. Some of them are mentioned here.

Universal Compatibility: Xtra PC can be used on nearly any computer. That is what makes it one of the best devices that offer the same functionality. Be it Mac or a PC, and no matter the version, you can easily boot up your broken-down computer with the Xtra PC.

Safe and Secure: Linux has been known for all these years as one of the most secure operating systems. That makes it the perfect choice to fix your dead PC. The OS in itself is also very user friendly and easy to get the hang of. Since most malware and viruses do not even run on the OS, even if your computer is plagued with viruses, that will not hamper your experience.

Privacy: Xtra PC ensures your privacy with an added level of safety and procedures to protect your data at all costs. It does not require any file from your previous OS to run, therefore, it is incredibly safe to use. The plug and play feature of the device also helps with sending confidential emails and data to other people, without first going into your generic OS first, adding another convenient and nifty feature for the device.

The Pro version has a File Recovery System: If you ordered the Pro Xtra PC, you could even retrieve some of your lost data from a dead PC as well. This product is just the ultimate saviour is it not. It is difficult to deal with dead PC’s, as most of your data might be corrupt, or damaged in the crossfire. Xtra PC has you covered on that ground as well. This is actually one of the major advantages of owning the Xtra PC.

Linux: Yes, this operating system is one of the primary features the Xtra PC delivers on. The OS is well known to be fast, secure, and immune to most viruses and malware, making it the perfect candidate to bring your broken-down PC back to life.

Free Software: The only price you pay is for the device itself. Everything that comes with, all the nifty softwares, the Linux OS, all of them are free of any additional charges. That is true value for money.

Plug and Play: The ease of use of the Xtra PC is something consumers go on and on about. The nifty plug and play feature allow you to simply plug the device in and reap all the benefits that come with it. It functions and looks like a simple flash drive so you can just stick it into your USB port and get going.

Reasonable: This device only sets you back $35 for the base model. That is way less than what you might even spend on a maintenance call to fix your PC. And this is not just a one-time use. You can use it however many times, on however many computers you want.

How Does it Work?

Xtra PC is a convenient way to fix up your slow, or dead PC without having to call up maintenance or doing it all by yourself, which could take a long time. It is ideal for people who are not so tech-friendly and comes with detailed instructions to fix up your computer. As soon as you boot using this device the first time, it will walk you through a one-time setup procedure. It then automatically installs software to run your hardware the correct way so that you can manually install any program that you might need.

It is extremely accessible and user friendly and makes for the perfect handyman’s tool to fix computers. Depending on the age of your PC, or the state it is in, it could take up to 7 minutes to properly boot the system. That is still amazingly fast for a device like this.

How to Use XtraPC?

The device itself resembles a flash drive making it convenient to carry and easy to use.

  1. Purchase the device
  2. Plug into an open USB port on your Laptop or PC
  3. Boot/Start your computer using this device (Press F12 or F8, depending on the make and model of your computer to open the boot menu)
  4. Select Xtra-PC. Or, in the BIOS menu, select the USB port XtraPC is plugged into, to automatically start the booting process using the device.
  5. The device will run you through a one-time setup procedure
  6. Let the device install the necessary software
  7. That is all! You have now booted using XtraPC and the new Linux system is ready to use.

Does Xtra-PC Work With My Old Computer?

You might be asking yourself this vital question, and it’s important to consider compatibility when purchasing any technical gadget or computer device. Fortunately, Xtra PC is made to be very accessible and fully compatible with a huge range of devices.

It works with almost every single computer in the world. As long as you have a USB port to plug the device in, then it will work.

Xtra PC Versions

Xtra PC comes in different versions and styles. Each offers functionalities that cater to a different consumer base.

  1. Xtra PC Turbo 16: The most basic model, comes with a capacity of 16 GB making it suitable to fix your PC, as well as surf the internet or play online games at a consistent speed.
  2. Xtra PC Turbo 32: Mostly popular and ideal for college students, parents and professionals, the 32 version has an ideal memory to even start backing up data that fixing up your broken-down PC. While at the same time offering reliable speed to do any basic computer functions. It is faster than the 16 version and can easily make your outdated computer act and function as a brand new one.
  3. Xtra PC Turbo Pro: The most powerful amongst the three, you can effectively overhaul your entire PC with this device with ease. This one is priced at a high $159.99 but delivers the best results you can ask for. The extra memory even boosts your computer speeds to make the most of your fixing, surfing, playing, or watching endeavors. The 64 GB version is enough to store multiple large files and additionally comes with the File Recovery System that you can use to bring back damaged data from a crashed OS.

Why Purchase Xtra PC?

If you are having trouble with an old or slow PC, or just need a more secure way to do daily tasks then do it on your existing OS, then Xtra PC is the perfect device for you. This flash drive offers more than just extra space but is your one-stop-shop maintenance, security, and store personnel data.

You might understand the anguish of a slow PC, or not being able to access your files on a dead computer, Xtra PC has you covered in that front especially. Using a Linux based OS, simply plugging in the device will boot your PC with a faster, more secure alternative to access your files and data. From there, you can either try to fix your PC, backup files to an external drive or simply use the Xtra PC as a new OS for as long as you might prefer.

It is not a budget-friendly idea to replace a broken-down computer with a new one or call maintenance for help. But with this device, all your qualms will have fixed. Xtra PC not only lets you into your computer while it is slow or dead but also lets you seamlessly browse through with its fast and reliable pre-installed Linux OS. It is extremely affordable and can boast a fully fleshed out OS for use.

Pros and Cons

  • Portability
  • Ease of use
  • Linux OS
  • Will not get affected by viruses
  • Functional
  • Protects online privacy
  • Requires almost no setting up
  • Requires knowledge on how to boot the computer.
  • Easily lost or damaged
  • Linux can be challenging to understand for non-users
  • Always needs to be connected while being used

Xtra PC USB Reviews

This is a one-of-a-kind device, offering a lot of functionalities from fixing broken computers, saving your precious data, and even using a safer alternative to browse through the internet. So here are the few things that we observed while using this USB and added in our Xtra PC review that will help you decide to choose this flash drive.

Portability: The device itself is simply a flash drive, therefore carrying it around will not be a task at all.

Ease of Use: Xtra PC is made for people with less of a technological affinity. Meaning, people with limited computer knowledge can use it with ease. Setting it up takes some guidance, but after that, it is easy breezy.

Software/OS Used: Xtra PC uses Linux as its operating system. To most tech geeks, Linux is a safer, faster, and much better alternative to completing tasks and surfing the web. For all you non-tech people, Linux is one of the best-operating systems available on the internet.

Usage: There are many functionalities that come with the Xtra PC. If you have a corrupt or a broken-down operating system, you can try and fix the issues using this miracle device. If not fix, then at least you can save your data before reinstalling/resetting your current operating system. You can even simply make this device permanent and use its OS as your primary one. The options are endless.

Reliability: You can use this device whenever there is an issue with your OS. Realigning and giving you complete control of all the functions of your PC without having to send it through maintenance.

Maintenance: XtraPC does not require any maintenance on your part. Just take care of the device like you would a normal flash drive. Any damage can easily result in the device getting totalled for good.

Competition: There isn’t any competition to Xtra PC per se, but yes, since tech people know, you can install a portable operating system to any flash drive or hard drive. It functions similarly and you can use it whenever your computer breaks down, or even as your own personal OS with all your files and data, given you have enough space on your drive. Yet this requires some work on your part. Installing an OS on a flash or hard drive yourself then booting a computer using the device. XtraPC comes with a pre-installed Linux OS, cutting you slack and giving you complete control of a computer in a matter of minutes.

Final Verdict

Using the Xtra PC, you can say goodbye to stuttering old computers and welcome much faster, almost new PC’s to surf on. You will be able to run tasks smoothly, even though your PC is a mess, due to the reliable nature of Linux. Fixing up will be easy, surfing and managing files will take no time and all this at a very reasonable price.

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