XY Find It Review – Does This Tracker Device Work?

Our XY Find IT Review features the most prominent tracker device that allows you to locate your lost keys, wallet, phone, bike, or even car. Unlike the GPS tracker that’s a quite different findables device that has the same motivation but XY Find IT uses Bluetooth to track down the things.

There are so many finders and tracker devices available on the internet these days, this seems like a common problem. If you constantly lose your belongings and spend dozens of hours each week simply looking for them, we have the perfect solution for you.

This device is going to save you so much time and resources you might end up buying and attaching one to everything you own. Wallets, keys, your pets, and anything in between, Our honest XY Find It reviews and opinions will help you to figure out whether you should go for this tracking device or not.

What is XY Find It?

Losing your keys, wallets, and other items way too often? The XY Find It has you covered. Smaller items like keys are really important and losing them is not so difficult. The effort you might put into finding lost items could cost you a lot of time, with no guarantee of even finding it. We know, it is quite stressful and annoying to lose such items. With XY Find It, you will never have that problem again.

The XY Find It Beacon device is a smart and modern tracker that helps you locate your belongings. It uses Bluetooth connectivity to keep track of items that you might otherwise lose. It is a small device that can fit into most items, has negligible energy consumptions, with no additional costs. So, if you are clunky and lose things often, the XY Find It is going to be a life and time-saver for you.

XY Find It – Features

Loud Alarm: The 112 decibels alarm is almost four times as strong as its competitors. You will have no issues hearing it when you are looking for a missing, or misplaced item.

Range: The XY Find It ranges comes in a few models, each range variant with newer technologies added to them. Ideally, the lowest XY Find It model has a range of 100 feet, with the highest-ranking model increasing this range to about 300 feet. The XY Find IT car tracker is nothing but an addon or module of the original tracker device, you can attach it to your car and track it.

Battery Life: You really do not have to worry about replacing the device for an awfully long time. The XY Find It lasts you about 5 years in total without the need for changing batteries. Making it extremely reasonable.

Locating Items: Locating items is easy and takes almost no effort. It also works both ways, so you can lose your phone, but find it using the tracker with ease.

KeepNear: This super smart feature alerts you when you are moving away from the item you are looking for, making it almost impossible to not find what you are looking for.

Crowd GPS: Imagine losing your XY Find It. You can activate Crowd GPS, which helps you connect to other XY users to look for your lost device. Neat, is it not.

Free Subscription: With no usage cost after purchasing the device, you do not have to think about renewing each month to keep using the XY Find It.

60 Days Money Back Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the results, and we do not know why that would be, you can still avail a full refund under 60 days of purchase.

2 Year Warranty: In case of failures or breakdowns, the company offers a full repair or replacement for 2 years after purchase.

How Does XY Find It Work?

Locating your things work in several different ways. Within the range of Bluetooth, the app shows your proximity to the item you paired using the device. It describes this proximity as different measures of distance, namely, here, very close or very far, each corresponding to where the item really is from your point of reference.

If the item is under 3 meters of your position, it shows ‘Here’. If your phone displays ‘Out of Range’, that means the item is out of Bluetooth range. Point to be noted, the devices’ Bluetooth range is around 100 feet. After new models were launched, this range is now increased to around 300 feet.

Bluetooth connectivity is often blocked by walls and if your item is buried under other items. In this case, the audio signal is quite useful. As long as you are within Bluetooth range, you can easily activate an audio alarm using your phone, which will help you locate the item better. The alarm itself is quite loud in the newer models, which makes locating items even easier, and you can also choose what melody or alarm plays so you can track your item better.

This audio alarm work both ways, imagine losing your phone, but you have the tracker in hand. You can activate the audio alarm on the device to track your phone in that case. It lets you adjust the ringer volume on your phone as well, so even if your mobile is on silent mode, you can still find it using the XY Find It.

The application itself runs in the background and does not require to be opened to use. The only thing you need is an active Bluetooth connection. With that any and all items you pair with the XY Find It, will be right within your reach and never to be lost again.

How to Use XY Find It?

The device is incredibly useful in times you lose your belongings under a pile of laundry or under the bed. This will save you a tremendous amount of time you would otherwise spend on looking for your things with no guarantee of finding them. XY Find It will make sure you can find your items almost instantly, given it is still around and you did not drop them on the other side of town. Here is how to use the XY Find It.

  1. Purchase the XY Find It and attach it to the item you apparently keep misplacing.
  2. Download the free to use the official XY Find It app on your mobile device (available for both Android and iPhone users).
  3. Setup your personal account.
  4. Hit the “+” button to connect a XY Find It device to the application (You can add multiple XY devices to the same application).
  5. Using Bluetooth, connect the device and your mobile phone.
  6. Tap “Claim your XY #” to start pairing.
  7. Listen out for a beep on the device that lets you know the pairing is complete.
  8. Let the application and the device set up their connection.
  9. Assign a name for the item you paired with the XY Find It.
  10. Test track your newly added item to make sure it works as desired.

Done! You have now successfully added an item to the list of things you can now easily find using the XY Find It.

To add more items, simply purchase another XY Find It, attach to another item you wish to keep safe and repeat this process after step number 3.

Setting It Up

As soon as you connect the XY Find It to the object or item you want to track, you want to download the official app on your mobile device. After that is done, simply connect the tracker and your phone using Bluetooth and you are good to go. The application is available for both Android and iOS devices, not to mention free of all costs. It only takes a few minutes to set up the application and start tracking your everyday items.

To set up, download and open the app, create your personal account, and press the ‘+’ button on the menu. After that, tap the “Claim your XY #” and start the pairing after hitting the XY button. The device beeps to let you know the pairing is in progress, once done, you can now assign a name for the item you just paired. And that is all, you have now successfully paired the item to the XY Find It app and will now track it constantly, so that you never lose it again.

Pros and Cons

Finders and trackers can be helpful, but they come with their own flaws.


  1. Affordable
  2. Cheaper than a GPS tracker
  3. Small and portable
  4. Long lasting battery
  5. Easy to setup
  6. Ability to find things easily
  7. 2 Year warranty
  8. Can hook up to almost all items


  1. Must change or charge battery eventually
  2. Difficult to camouflage
  3. Does not have the range or ability of a GPS tracker

Does XY Find It Come In Multiple Colors?

Yes! XY Find It comes in a color for everyone – Silver, Black, Blue, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Green and Red.

Rating XY Find It

A tracker/finder is a must have for people who are constantly losing their items and have to either spend hours looking for them or simply replace them. XY Find It is one of the best ones in the market, giving you ample options to search and find your lost items in no time at all.

Portability: The XY Find It is small enough to fit on your key chain, so there will be no issues in travelling with one in your pocket or bag. Come to think of that, you can even hook it to your bag when out camping to make sure you do not get lost or too far away from base camp.

Ease of Use: The device itself is easy to setup and hook to items you wish to not lose. Simply adding your XY Find It device to the application on your mobile phone will allow you to find it whenever you need to.

Flexibility: Being small and compact, it can hook onto almost anything without giving you much bother at all. It is not that small that it might not even show, but good looking enough that it does not prove to be an eye sore.

Tracking Abilities: With multiple models to choose from, your own XY Find It can have the range of 100 to 300 feet. The difference in models also comes with a difference in price tag, so watch out there. Its abilities might not be as good as a proper GPS tracker, but also is not even close to the amount GPS trackers usually go for.

Durability: The device itself is pretty rugged and waterproof, therefore can be used in bad weather as well.

Software and Application Control: The free to use software available for both Android and iPhone users is pretty nifty and easy to use. You can setup multiple XY Find It devices to a single application to make sure you do not lose those small but important items anymore.

Competition: There are a few trackers out there in the market with different sorts of price tags and ranges available. According to users, XY Find It is one of the best ones for its price tag and abilities. When it comes to tracking, a GPS tracker is obviously a much better option with effectively no range at all, but they are way more expensive than simple trackers like XY Find It.

XY Find It vs. Tile

Much like the XYFindIT, there are similar products available in the market. One of a similar kind of device is Tile. Tracking devices are common since there are a lot of folks who require something like XY Find It or Tile to locate lost or stolen goods. With almost similar features like XY Find It, Tile can be used as an alternative.

Now, with similar features, Tile still lags behind its competition due to a variety of factors. XY Find It proves to be a better device because of its louder alarm, much higher battery life, and a free subscription model. Tile on the other hand, has a better range than the XY Find It, but fails in other regards while competing with XY. Tile features a $25 a year subscription model against XY’s totally free system. A lower warranty and limited color options makes XY Find It a much better product when compared to Tile.

Either devices are viable options for you to locate lost objects, however, XY Find It’s better features, lesser price, and a free subscription model makes it a much better option over Tile.

Final Verdict

The XY Find It is one of those devices that can be incredibly helpful, finding your things will never be easier with this device attached to your easily misplaced items. With so many trackers available in the market, XY Find IT is still the best choice due to the many features it comes with. The range, battery life, KeepNear features, and what not make this device one of the best, if not the best item tracker available in the market. To find your lost items, you now know where exactly to look, the XY Find It.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the XY Find It include monthly fees or subscriptions?

No, not at all. After you have paid for the device itself, there is no need for any attached monthly fee or subscription. The application itself is also free of charges. If you wish to add more XY Find It devices to the application, you can do so without any problems whatsoever.

Is the XY Find It durable?

The device itself is made incredibly durable and waterproof. Since it is supposed to be hooked onto keys, backpacks, wallets and other constantly used items, the device was made rugged and able to withstand any kind of weather.

Is XY Find It waterproof?

Yes, the XY Find It is waterproof. You can take it out in the rain, attached to your backup and it will have no adverse effects on the workings of it.

What is the range of XY Find It?

TheXY Find It has a range of around a 150 feet. You can purchase higher models that provide a higher range, but also cost more than the base model.

Does XY Find It come with a warranty?

The XY Find It comes with a warranty of 2 years. You can return the product under 60 days of purchase for a full refund too.

What can I use XY Find It with?

Wallets, key chains, backpacks, portable speakers, documents, anything that you can lose easily and cannot do without, you can hook the XY Find It to.

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