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TheViralTech is adamant in researching all brand-new items and products that hit the market and fall under the categories we test and review. Products are put through multiple manual filters, including durability tests, functionality tests, identifying key features, and figuring out any limitations and drawbacks. We have dedicated teams for testing, reviewing, and compiling all the data gathered. Once we are satisfied with our testing phases, we allow our users to read all about what makes a product tick and how to go ahead buying it.
Market Research
As soon as a product is released, we start our research and figure out if it is worth testing or not.
Selecting Products
The next step is to select the products to review. Products that are worth the effort and can be tested thoroughly by our team of experts are selected.
Analyzing Reviews
Analyzing firsthand reviews before we set to test the product ourselves allows us to make sure to kill any hype that could have been generated on the product.
Manual Testing
Once we get our hands on the product, a whole slew of manual tests begins. We often get multiple products to allow for a complete and thorough testing.
Publishing Reviews
Once we have all the details we need, features, design aspects, limitations, and advantages, our review experts pen everything down everything to help our users make an informed purchase.
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