VIZR Heads-Up Display Reviews – Best Car HUD of 2021

Knowing you can get into a car accident any time, and not even due to any of your mistakes is heart-wrenching. We take hundreds of precautions when it comes to car safety, seatbelts, airbags, and whatnot. Thus we brought to you VIZR heads-up display reviews, a device that helps you to concentrate on the road while you’re driving and free your vision and mind from any kind of distraction.

We realized we are at our most vulnerable when we are looking at our navigation system instead of the road. Changing radio stations has the same effect; anything that results in loss of focus and something that distracts you from the road can lead to injurious, if not fatal accidents.

VIZR is a precious device that connects to your navigations system, and your driving app to reduce distractions and help you focus on the road, where it really matters.

The major reason for road accidents is pinned to distracted drivers. In a split second, a road mishap can change your entire life and be fatal to even the passengers on board. It falls on you to maximize focus and be less distracted while driving.

The VIZR Review

Now you know what purpose this device serves and your mind might be running with some uncleared thought like what heads up display is? how VIZR works? and so on… So keeping such things in mind we came up with our honest VIZR HUD Review that would help you to explore its features and understand this device better.

What is VIZR?

VIZR is being considered a miracle product that caters to every driver’s needs and provides help with the tasks that can make you lose focus and easily risk your safety.

VIZR changes your smartphone into a simple HUD or heads up display to serve you with multiple functionalities while you focus on the road. It lets you access all your essential apps, your navigation system, and lets you utilize all their functionalities without having to lose sight of the road.

In this era of technology, we can either be distracted by it or use it to maximize focus. Most of us use the navigation to get to places, and yes it can certainly be a little distracting.

VIZR is a HUD that allows you to look at directions without taking your eyes off the road. You only have to place your phone on the VIZR and open the HUD-enabled navigation application. The HUD also allows you to access all your essential apps as well, to have you even less distracted.

VIZR Features

In our, VIZR heads up display review we’ve listed some of its interesting features that you would love. It comes packed with quite a lot of useful features and tools you can use towards your safety on the road.

Universal Design: No matter the kind of car you own, VIZR works despite the make, model, and size of the car.

Works 24/7: The HUD works efficiently as long as you keep your phone plugged in. No matter sunlight, dark or bad weather, the resolution, and details will remain unaffected.

Scratch Resistant Display: The multi-layered coating on the display is protected from scratches and smudges. Keep in mind to use a soft cloth to clean the display whenever needed.

Compatibility with Apps and HUD apps: VIZR is compatible with a variety of applications and apps made for heads-up displays work seamlessly as well. Simply make sure the configuration is set to HUD to use an app with VIZR.

Non-Slip Material: The attachment that holds your phone is made from a non-slip material, making sure your phone would not just fly off while driving. Once mounted, you can be carefree and focus solely on the road.

Wireless Installation: The device itself comes without any wires and such, making it much easier to have it installed.

How Does VIZR Work?

You must only affix VIZR to the dashboard along with its extension, the HUD. The display produces reflections from your phone screen, acting basically as a transparent display.

This not only keeps you from looking down at your phone for directions, but the transparent display ensures you can still look at the road even when you are figuring out the turn on the next intersection.

VIZR can effectively reduce the number of distracted drivers, in turn helping against any road mishaps. Also, since it is your own smartphone that is reflected, you can still see any notifications, emails, phone calls coming in, without having to shift your gaze from the road.

HUDs in expensive cars are already becoming a thing, but VIZR will let you install one without any hassle or costing that pretty penny.

No matter the age, make and model of your car, if you have a smartphone, you can use this portable HUD with it, effortlessly.

John Gattuso, VIZR Inventor

How does the HUD, or Heads Up Display work?

The best part about VIZR is its compatibility. You can use it with all kinds and types of smartphones and linking to them is no difficult task either. You simply mount VIZR at the center of the dashboard, or above the steering wheel, depending on your preference, and attach and connect your phone to it.

It stays rooted in place, so you do not have to worry about it sliding off. Once placed, simply watch the navigation app display your route on the transparent display, or HUD, acting as one of the best driving companions of all time.

How to use VIZR?

VIZR is a simple device that only requires your smartphone in order to work. To setup VIZR, simply –

Place VIZR on Dash

Place VIZR on Dash 

Select Feature

Select Feature 

Drive Safer

Drive Safer 

  1. Remove the packaging to reveal a small mounting device with a plastic screen popping up from the base.
  2. Figure out where you want to place VIZR on your dashboard.
  3. Set VIZR down and attach it to the dash. It comes with an adhesive strip on the bottom side for easy setup. 
  4. Choose the app your VIZR displays. There are a number of different apps you can use with VIZR. Simply choose the one you want to be displayed on the Heads-up display, be it navigation, music app, or any other.
  5. Adjust the display until satisfied. After you have setup VIZR and choose which app you want the HUD to display, simply add your phone to the device and adjust it until you are satisfied with the display.


  1. Universal design
  2. Easy to use and set up
  3. Compatible with most smartphones
  4. Convenient
  5. Non-Slip design
  6. Clear screen


  1. Instructions may not be clear
  2. Requires some knowledge of technology

What apps are compatible with VIZR?

VIZR is quite handy while on the road as it comes compatible with a variety of applications. The popular navigations apps, like Google Maps, Apple Maps can be used with VIZR, while its manufacturers recommend you use these apps –

  1. HUDWAY GO, the alternate navigation application
  2. FIXD App
  3. Heads-Up Display widgets

Benefits of VIZR

  1. Turns your smartphone into a HUD for easier navigation and focused driving
  2. Ideal for all drivers and cars. Makes it easy to look at directions, traffic, and even speed with a totally hands-free experience.
  3. Universal design makes it possible to be used in any car despite make, model, and size.
  4. Extra features come with the FIXD app. Get the FIXD device too for additional benefits.
  5. GPS navigation can be used with ease and no hassle at all.

Rating VIZR (4.8/5)

  1. Ease of use: VIZR is easy to use once it is set up, though to set up and figure out which applications you can use it with can be a little tricky.
  2. Functionality: VIZR makes managing navigation, notifications, and focusing on the road a much easier affair. It can be used in any car, is compatible with a lot of smartphones, and gives you the ability to use a lot of different applications.
  3. Portability: It is easy to travel with. VIZR is small and if you wish to switch it between cars, you can do so easily. Simply reuse and re-fix the adhesive strip and attach it to another car.
  4. Connectivity: VIZR can be used with any brand of smartphone, despite the OS it uses. You can also use it on any car, despite the make, model, and size.
  5. Quality: The quality of the transparent screen is unquestionable. It is made scratch and smudge-free and is of the utmost quality.
  6. Competition: There are a few options available to you when it comes to HUDs for your cars. VIZR is amongst the top in the regard, given its variable compatibility among different smartphones and the ability to use it with any car.

User Reviews

Reviews of vizr HUD
Customer Reviews of VIZR

VIZR Price & Where to Buy


Final Verdict

VIZR is an incredible device which not only lets drivers focus more on the road but brings all those important notifications and messages right in front of you. This makes it easier to look at messages, as well as not move your sight off the road.

You can install a VIZR on any car and with any smartphone, regardless of make, model, and age. This compatibility sets it apart from the competition amongst its industry. Looking at directions has never been easier and safer before. You might be a busy individual who must constantly check their phones for incoming messages and calls, but we value your safety too.

Invest in a VIZR and make sure you do not fall victim to a road mishap.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. How does VIZR attach to the dashboard?

    VIZR uses an adhesive strip to affix itself to the dashboard. Installed with a non-slip material, you can place your phone on it without worrying about it slipping off. You can easily mount VIZR onto the dashboard and be carefree about it detaching. Once you have attached the VIZR to the dash and your phone to the VIZR, simply adjust the display to best suit your needs.

  2. How is VIZR’s day and night display performance?

    The VIZRs display is one of the best in the business. Working great in bright sunlight without any reflections due to its treated glass panel. Also, according to our testing, it works even better at night.

  3. Will VIZR function in my vehicle?

    Without even knowing which vehicle you have, we can say, yes, yes VIZR will work with your car. VIZR is a universal design, meaning it does not matter the shape, size, make, or model of your car, VIZR GPS will work on it with no problem.

  4. Is there a money back guarantee?

    Yes, the manufacturers do offer a 30-day money back guarantee in case you do not like the product.

  5. What apps can you use with VIZR?

    There are a variety of applications you can use with VIZR. Most default navigation apps can be used with VIZR without any hassle. The manufacturers do suggest you use certain apps in accordance with the device. Some of the best ones to use with VIZR are HUD widgets, NavMii, HUDWAY GO and FIXD app.

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