WiFi UltraBoost Review- Does It Really Works Or Scam?

If you are a movie buff or into playing multiplayer video games, you might be severely allergic to slow internet. No matter how much you invest in your data plan, your surfing speed still feels sluggish.

To avoid getting into the vicious loop of changing up your plan to get better speed, you might want to invest in this tiny little device called the WiFi UltraBoost.

If you have already upgraded your internet believing you might get better surfing speed, let me ask if your WiFi connects from a different room, or the modem sits somewhere completely different.

Now, the thing about WiFi is that walls and appliances can severely dull down the signals and that might be the reason for the slow connectivity.

WiFi UltraBoost does nothing to the internet side of the spectrum, rather helps to boost and magnify the WiFi signals that flow throughout your house and office. Certain “dead zones” can appear where WiFi might not be strong enough to connect, and areas that receive terrible reception. How to fix it you ask? We have done WiFi UltraBoost review and tried to find out for you is this device really works, to what extent it can boost signals, does it cover all corners at your home or office and more.

What is WiFi UltraBoost?

WiFi UltraBoost Definition

WiFi UltraBoost, also known as the WLAN repeater, has one simple job, to rebroadcast the WiFi signals where they are needed the most. Say, a room in your house does not get good signals. Simply plug in a WiFi UltraBoost into an electrical socket and connect it to your home network. The device simply picks up your WiFi and repeats or rebroadcasts it wherever you need it to.

The thing with WiFi is that the signals very easily degrade. Walls and other appliances are the primary culprits of this loss and distortion. Factually speaking, if you had a WiFi router in every room of your house, you would not see any loss in connectivity, or slow internet speeds.

Well, this is kind of what the WiFi UltraBoost does for you. Wherever you think WiFi signals need to be boosted, simply plug the device into a spare electrical socket, connect to the designated WiFi network and the device duplicates the signals and lets you use them thus providing you with ample speeds.

WiFi UltraBoostTechnical Details

Re-routers or repeaters are common products out in the market. The technology has seen quite the rise in these few years and WiFi UltraBoost is easily one of the best products out there.

  1. Can handle speeds up to 300 MB/sec.
  2. Compatible with any ISP, any router, and any mobile device or computer.
  3. A LAN port is available on the device, in case you want a wired connection.
  4. Secure and encrypted WPS connection.
  5. High performance enabled.

The device might sound complicated, but it is very much not. An incredibly easy and functional piece of technology, you can easily use WiFi UltraBoost without any prior or expert knowledge about the subject. It essentially acts as an extension to your currently equipped WiFi.

WiFi UltraBoost Features

The primary function of the WiFi UltraBoost is to provide you with blazing fast internet speeds without any extra equipment. The device is compact and offers redistribution of WiFi dead zones or rooms/areas with low connectivity.

WiFi UltraBoost Features

✅ Increase WiFi reach

✅ Drastically speed up internet connectivity

✅ Stream, surf and download at faster speeds

✅ Get lag free service even in previously low connectivity areas

✅ Makes sure there is no disconnection of services.

✅ Built-in antennas to improve connectivity

✅ Supports multiple users

✅ Compatible with various devices

✅ Connects to an electrical port

✅ Easy to set up

How Does WiFi UltraBoost Work?

So, let us start with where WiFi can lack.

wifi signal loss by building material

WiFi is notorious for being exceptionally easily degraded. Walls, electromagnetic signals from other appliances, and distance can easily kill every ounce of signal from your WiFi router. To combat this, you can either invest in those expensive multi-antenna routers, which might not even be of significant use overall, or simply invest in a WiFi UltraBoost, which is clearly the better, easier choice, and that combination is quite rare to end with.

WiFi UltraBoost Ready to Use

A plug-and-play device, meaning you only need to plug it in for it to start working, the WiFi UltraBoost is used to extend the reach of your home WiFi network. All you need to do is plug the device into any electrical socket in the room with less connectivity and connect it once with your WiFi network. The device, since then, acts as an extension to that primary router rebroadcasting the signal throughout your house.

The device when first started up takes a few minutes to set itself up. After a short wait, you will easily be able to see the increase in signal strength wherever the device is plugged in. If you are skeptical, a simple speed test can make it easier to compare the results.

Who is WiFi UltraBoost for?

WiFi UltraBoost Uses

You must be interested in this device thats why you are searching for WiFi UltraBoost review. We all are annoyed by limited WiFi connectivity. Maybe your living room gets incredibly fast internet, but your bedroom does not. The reason being your WiFi simply cannot reach these places, either due to shear distance or obstacles. We bring to you a simple yet incredibly functional device that lets you surf through the internet at blazing fast speeds from wherever you want.

Netflix and multiplayer video games are quite the rage today, and stable internet is all users need to stream and game without any hassle. WiFi routers located further than 150 feet might not be able to fulfill your need for a stable connection. For that exact purpose, we bring to you the WiFi UltraBoost.

WiFi technology has already transformed in its few years of existence and stronger, bigger routers do exist. They certainly have their own drawbacks though. The best way to spread out good connectivity throughout your house is the WiFi UltraBoost. A simple way to boost and extend the reach of your home or office WiFi. Connect to an electrical socket and connect to the designated WiFi network. Starting then, it will continuously pump out the signal from your WiFi, just a tad bit stronger where it was much weaker earlier.

WiFi UltraBoost is Perfect For People With-

  • Houses With Multiple Rooms: Since walls are primary culprits of weak internet connections, if you have a big house, simply invest in a few Ultra Boosts, and watch the internet flow like never before.
  • Houses With Multiple Dead Zones: Dead zones are particularly annoying, especially if you have a bunch of them around your house. If you are fed up with this, you might want to buy an UltraBoost as soon as possible.
  • Anyone Who Requires Fast & Stable Internet Connectivity: If you are an avid streamer, or play a lot of multiplayer video games, you might require good internet service, and therefore, a Wi-Fi UltraBoost.
  • If You Need Internet Outside Your House: Say, you are throwing a party out on your lawn and your music streaming app just won’t get enough signals from your WiFi. This device can help you avoid such mood-breaking situations.

Why Do WiFi Dead Zones/Spots Exist & How To Combat Them?

WiFi dead zones are common in houses with multiple rooms, and houses with thick plastered walls. The reason might be due to a variety of reasons, but dead spots are quite annoying, nonetheless.

Wifi Dead Zones

The Primary Reasons Being

  1. Thick plastered walls, or metal walls
  2. Big metal cabinets
  3. Cordless telephones in use
  4. Microwave ovens during use
  5. Too large a distance between user and router
  6. Too many users using the same WiFi channel

Today, apartments are being built with WiFi dead zones in mind, to make sure the residents do not suffer from slow internet.

There are strategies you can try out to avoid or fix up dead zones-

Best place for routers at home
  1. Place the WiFi router in a more central location with respect to the users in the house/apartment.
  2. Avoid placing it around heavy-duty appliances like refrigerators and microwaves.
  3. Move obstacles from the way.
  4. Use a wired connection.
  5. Adjust the antenna if needed.

The best and easiest way to fix up existing dead zones is by using the WiFi Ultra Boost. You only must plug one around the vicinity of the dead zone and watch the device bring to you full-fledged connections all throughout.

WiFi UltraBoost Benefits

The device works perfectly to boost and redistribute WiFi signals all-around your house, making sure you get nothing but ultra-fast internet everywhere you go.

Wifi Signal Heatmap- Without Wifi Ultraboost
Wifi Signal HeatmapWithout Wifi Ultraboost
Wifi Signal Heatmap- With Wifi Ultraboost
Wifi Signal HeatmapWith Wifi Ultraboost
  1. No more WiFi dead spots
  2. Substantially increases range and strength (Does nothing to the speed of the internet, only stability, and performance)
  3. No need for LAN/Ethernet cables
  4. No need to move the router to get better signals
  5. No extra subscription fee
  6. Works with any ISP (Internet Service Provider) and any router
  7. Plug and play
  8. Can handle speeds up to 300 MB/sec

How to Install WiFi UltraBoost?

Setting up this device is as easy as shooting dead fish in a barrel.

  1. Press the WPS button to ensure a safe connection
  2. Plug the device into an electrical socket
  3. Connect to the existing WiFi Network
  4. Connect your mobile or computer to the WiFi Booster

Where To Buy WiFi UltraBoost and How Much Does It Cost?

Currently, the device is best bought from its manufacturer’s website. Copy products have already hit the shelves of online and offline marketplaces. To get the best deals on the legitimate product, shop with us on their official website.

It might seem that this state-of-the-art device would demand a high price. Though true in a certain way, shopping with us you will have to pay that much anyway.

WiFi UltraBoost Cost

A single device costs you $49 each but buying two WiFi UltraBoosts will cost you not more than $69. With a special offer ongoing, if you click on the link below, you can even buy 3 WiFi UltraBoosts which costs you around $135 and get one free on your purchase. Or you can even opt for 4 Wifi UltraBoosts at a low $123.

Do not wait any longer! The deals and offers are depleting. Get yours now!

Rating WiFi UltraBoost (4.8/5)

  1. Usage: When it comes to its job, the WiFi Ultra Boost does it perfectly. There are no flaws to the device and rebroadcasting existing networks is done seamlessly.
  2. Ease of Use: The device itself is incredibly simple to use. It is nothing but a router on the other end of an electrical plug. The plug and play design works easily and there is no formal training required to understand how the device works.
  3. Portability: For a portable WiFi extender, it is much more portable than you would think. The device is handy and easily carried between rooms and even to office.
  4. Durability: The device is made of durable plastic and can last you an exceptionally long time if you take care of it enough. Sadly, our test device fell hard and broke, but not until we had time to effectively use and review it.
  5. Competition: After this particular device hit the market, there have been multiple companies releasing their own portable repeater. Not saying there were not any available prior to this, but they were industrial grade and quite expensive. WiFi Ultra Boost is easily a better, more reasonable choice if all you want is better internet connectivity inside your home.

Final Verdict

As per our detailed WiFi UltraBoost review we can say If you require fast internet connectivity wherever you go inside your home, Wi-Fi UltraBoost is possibly the one thing you should totally invest in. There is no escaping dead spots and weak signals without it.

The WiFi UltraBoost can easily increase the range and strength of your WiFi network and does not cost you any added or subscription fee. Developed by an expert, this device is easily a must-have for movie and video game enthusiasts. Designed to boost internet connectivity, this device is almost the size of a phone charger but packs a serious punch when it comes to functionality.

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