Sleep Connection Review 2020 – Zero Side Effects, Anti-Snoring Device

Has your partner’s snoring become a proper issue for you? It can be almost impossible to sleep next to a snorer. Speaking from experience, there is not much you can do to stop them snoring while at the same time trying not to disturb them. You can obviously wake them up, essentially its their sleep or yours.

According to research, men are plagued with snoring habits more than women. Around 40% of all men snore and around 24% of all women do too. However, most of us will have some snore-filled nights sometimes in our lives. Extreme fatigue and drinking can also cause you to snore. (Source:

So, how do you make sure both of you get a good night’s sleep? With Sleep Connection of course! Check it out.

What is Sleep Connection?

Sleep Connection Wristband is an anti-snore device that allows the user to control their snoring habits and slowly transition out of them. You can think of it as a snore-controller. It has no harmful effects on the body and provides peaceful sleep to you and your partner.

Sleep Connection uses nerve stimulation to sub-consciously train you out of snoring. During the early days of use, Sleep Connection will stimulate your nerves when you start to snore. Later on, due to this stimulus, as soon as you start snoring, you will automatically stop and grow out of it gradually.

Sleep Connection Features

This anti-snore wristband is one of the better devices since it does not include loud alarms, or stuff to put up your nose.

  1. Automatic: The device does not need to be switched on or off. As soon as you put it on your wrist, the device starts up and actively checks for you snoring. After 8 hours of sleep, the device automatically switches off.
  2. Comfortable and lightweight: The wristband is comfortable and lightweight and will not cause disturbance sleeping.
  3. Intelligent biosensor detects snoring: The biosensor on board the wristband actively checks if you might be snoring. As soon as snoring is detected, the device releases signals that stop you snoring.
  4. Does not affect sleep: The signals are of a weaker category and will not disturb your sleep. They only act as a stimulus for you to stop snoring. Much like a night nudge.
  5. Magnetic clasp: The magnetic clasp makes sure the wristband remains on your wrist the entire night without any hassle.
  6. Conductive gel: The conductive gel that helps connect the band to the user’s nerves makes sure you feel comfortable all night and the signals are transferred without any issue.
  7. Simple design features: The device looks incredibly simple with no flashy designs, no unnecessary buttons. This makes the device super easy to figure out and make use of.
  8. Adjustable impulse rate: The impulse rate can be set on your end. If you are a light sleeper, a lower impulse is better to stop you snoring while maintaining your sleep. If you are a heavy sleeper, a lighter impulse might not make any difference. Adjust the meter until you find that perfect spot.
  9. No chemical, no side effects: This anti-snore device uses zero chemicals and therefore has no side effects whatsoever.

Pros and Cons


  1. Easy to use
  2. Effective
  3. Does not disturb sleep
  4. Comfortable to wear
  5. Smart biosensor
  6. Adjustable impulse rate
  7. Chemical, medication free


  1. Could take time to get used to
  2. Would take some adjusting for people with deeper sleep cycles

Where to buy Sleep Connection and how much is it?

You can purchase your very own Sleep Connection directly from the merchant website. Buying from them ensures you get a proper product with all the discounts and offers the company provides first-time and returning customers.

You can get,

1 Sleep Connection Wristband for $39.99

2 Sleep Connection Wristband for $73.99

3 Sleep Connection Wristband for $99.99

4 Sleep Connection Wristband for $127.99

Final Verdict

When it comes to snoring, its more your partner’s sleep that is disturbed than yours. Since it is essential to get a good night’s sleep to function properly the next day, snoring can effectively cause you to lose out on sleep and therefore productivity. Sleep Connection Wristband is easily one of the better products out there that allow you to have a more peaceful sleep yourself and not disturb your partner’s. A proper and super effective device for those plagued with snoring.

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