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SuperBoost WiFi Review 2021 – Don’t Buy Until You Read This

Are you bothered by dead zones, or no WiFi zones in your house? You know we totally are. If there is one thing we cannot stand, it is terrible WiFi connectivity. The thing is the connectivity might be slow in certain parts of your home due to a variety of reasons.

Walls, electromagnetic disturbance from other appliances, sheer distance from the router, or a poor router can be the cause for that slow internet in certain parts of the house. Do you not get totally frustrated when you are sitting in your lawn and you cannot connect to the WiFi because the router is simply too far away? To combat that, we bring to you some military-grade technology.

SuperBoost WiFi is a device you can use in tandem with your existing WiFi to boost and amplify connectivity throughout your house. Kindly note though it does not increase the current internet speed you get but it simply boosts the connection all around the house so you can enjoy buffer-less internet anywhere on your property.

What Is SuperBoost WiFi?

SuperBoost WiFi is a signal repeater that pairs up with your existing WiFi simply creating new extensions for you to connect to. This drastically changes how you tackle the WiFi issue in your home. It significantly increases the connectivity letting you connect to the internet from more places than you usually could have had without SuperBoost.

WiFi signals can dull down due to walls, electronics, and the sheer distance from the router. To prevent this, you could invest in a powerful router, which provides signals than reach further than what you get with basic routers but may not completely remove the dead zones issue. The best route is to purchase WiFi extenders, much like SuperBoost WiFi. They are extremely helpful at transmitting signals better and further than a single router ever could, letting you can surf the internet without any limitations or issues.

SuperBoost WiFi Features

The primary function of SuperBoost WiFi is to provide you with incredibly fast internet speeds anywhere in your home. The device is easy to use, compact, and offers redistribution of WiFi signals to boost connectivity to low signal areas, or dead zones.

SuperBoost WiFi features include-

✅ Increasing WiFi reach

✅ Speed up internet connectivity in and around dead zones

✅ Inspired by military technology

✅ Get lag free service in previously low connectivity areas

✅ Supports multiple users

✅ Compatible with various devices

✅ Connects to an electrical port

✅ Works with multiple ISPs

✅ Easy to set up

How Does SuperBoost WiFi Work?

Talking about WiFi, signals from routers can easily be degraded due to walls, electronics, and the sheer distance. There are devices that create a rebroadcast network you can connect to and start using the internet you earlier could not. A signal repeater is the best way to go if you get limited connectivity in certain parts of your house. SuperBoost WiFi is the best thing to use to boost connectivity.

A plug and play device that does not require a lot of setting up SuperBoost WiFi simply works to boost the WiFi signals inside your home to remove dead zones. It simply rebroadcasts the very signal from your existing WiFi and spreads it evenly around your house so you can enjoy uninterrupted gaming, streaming, or work from anywhere inside your house.

What To Expect From SuperBoost WiFi?

This WiFi signal repeater works perfectly in sync with your existing WiFi to amplify signals inside your home.

Using SuperBoost WiFi, you will receive

  1. Increased WiFi coverage
  2. Better connectivity and stability throughout your house
  3. Multi-directional scanning
  4. No overheating issues
  5. Portable and sleek

Benefits of SuperBoost WiFi

SuperBoost WiFi is one of the better products that offer redistribution of WiFi signals. Its benefits include-

  1. Better connectivity and WiFi coverage
  2. Elimination of dead zones
  3. Easy to set up
  4. Negligible power consumption
  5. Portable and compact

On top of all this, SuperBoost WiFi can work with internet speeds up to 300Mbps without issue. It can easily provide you with a fast internet connection with absolute ease of installation and use. You only have to plug in the device into an electrical socket, connect it to your WiFi network and watch it amplify and redistribute the signals and spread them all-around your house.

It works with all kinds of routers, ISPs, and is able to establish a connection to any device. A compact and portable device, it can be easily carried around and can even be moved between rooms if you want.

Who is SuperBoost WiFi For?

If you face issues connecting to your home or office WiFi because the router simply cannot maintain its integrity at that distance or there are simply too many obstacles along the way, SuperBoost WiFi is perfect for you.

For professional or personal purposes, SuperBoost WiFi provides you with improved internet connectivity throughout your house in case a single WiFi router fails. Not that routers are not as effective, but they are limited in providing signals along a huge area. WiFi signals easily lose integrity along the way to your device due to walls and electronics that hamper the signal movement. For this, SuperBoost WiFi is one of the better products you could invest in, providing you with ample internet speeds across your house by simply plugging it in.

How To Set Up SuperBoost WiFi and How To Use It?

When it comes to internet routers, placement is key. Where you place the router explains how far WiFi signals can be received. A central placement within your house so that the signals spread evenly in each direction is a must. A similar directive must be followed while using SuperBoost WiFi. You must place it between the main router and the area with low connectivity to maximize connectivity. Since furniture, walls and electronics can cause obstructions, it helps to have a clear pathway between the two.

Using SuperBoost WiFi is quite easy. No tools required; only simple understanding of where to place a router, a spare electrical socket and an active WiFi connection you need boosted.

Setting up this device is easy and explained here. Simply-

  1. Plug the device into an electrical socket
  2. Connect the device to an active WiFi network
  3. Connect your device to the SuperBoost WiFi and enjoy altered connectivity


  1. Easy to use
  2. Easy to install
  3. Good value
  4. Portable and durable
  5. Useful and functional


  1. Limited Stock

Rating SuperBoost WiFi (4.8/5)

  1. Functionality: When it comes to its job, the gadget works pretty well. There are no flaws in functionality and signal boosting is done seamlessly.
  2. Ease of use: The device is extraordinarily easy to utilize. You only need to stick it into an electrical socket and let it do its job.
  3. Portability and Durability: This versatile WiFi extender is way more compact than you might think. It is convenient to use and can be easily moved between rooms. Made of tough plastic the device is quite durable as well.
  4. Compatibility: SuperBoost WiFi works with all ISP’s, all routers, and can be connected to any device you wish to.
  5. Competition: There are tonnes of specific gadgets that work in similar ways. Providing a similar feature, most of them can be extremely costly. SuperBoost WiFi is a superior, more sensible decision if all you need is better internet connectivity inside your house.

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Where to Buy SuperBoost WiFi and How Much Is It?

SuperBoost WiFi is easily available online on their official website. It is suggested you buy directly from them to avoid getting stuck with cheap knockoffs.

We also bring a tonne of deals and offers for our readers. Clicking the link below will take you to their website and qualify you for said deals and offers.

SuperBoost-WiFi retails at $99.90, but shopping with us, you get one for only $49.95. Crazy yes? Well, if you want more SuperBoost WiFis, you can opt for a set of 2 at a price of $79.95, saving you over $100 on your purchase. 3 SuperBoost WiFis cost around $299.70, but you get them at a low $109.95. Now that is a deal if I have seen one. Finally, you can even opt for a set of 4 devices that retail for $399.60, but with us, you get 4 SuperBoost WiFis for only $139.95.

Do not wait any longer! These deals are ever changing. Save some money now and save your connectivity too.

Final Verdict SuperBoost Wifi Review

We all need super-fast internet wherever we are inside our homes. This, however, is only a dream and not easily achievable. Well, it is achievable using SuperBoost WiFi. This miracle device is exceptionally durable, portable, and well-made, it not only acts as a signal repeater but is so easily utilized it is incredible. One of the most easily set up WiFi booster we have used till date, if you wish to remove dead zones, SuperBoost WiFi is perfect for you, there is no doubt about it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about SuperBoost WiFi

Can SuperBoost WiFi be used on any device?

Oh yes it can. SuperBoost WiFi is universally compatible and can be used with any ISP, any router and on any device, be it mobile or a computer.

Is the SuperBoost WiFi Booster really worth it?

Oh yes absolutely. If you have troubles with internet connectivity inside your home, SuperBoost WiFi will prove to be a worthy investment I can guarantee you.

Is SuperBoost WiFi Affordable?

Well, yes, it is. The signal repeater works seamlessly with your existing WiFi to boost signals and gives you the ability to establish connections where previously you could not have. It is highly affordable, effective, and useful.

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