5 Second Fix Review 2021 – The Ultimate Handyman’s Tool

There are a lot of things in your house, office and even in your car that can break and require quite the professional help to fix. It gets frustrating when something breaks, and you can easily fix it yourself, but you simply do not have the means to do so. Damage to treasured possessions especially can be really heart-breaking as well. What is it that you do then? Call a professional? Take it to the shop? DIY fix it yourself?

Well, you can definitely try either, but we have something for you that can fix almost anything in no time, well within budget and without having to call a specialist. 5 Second Fix is truly a miracle formula that lets you fix broken items in a heartbeat.

What is 5 Second Fix?

5 Second Fix is a liquid plastic welding compound that becomes rigid as soon as it comes in contact with UV light. Since the product is liquid, you can use it to fix, fill, repair, and seal virtually anything that has the capacity to be fixed. If you have used super glue or UV glue like Bondic, you know the accidents that can occur, this however is a step beyond.

Mind you, this is not glue, it is much more than that. Different adhesives work differently of different materials. 5 Second Fix works more or less the same way regardless of where you use it. Liquid welding compounds have gained quite some traction in these few years due to their effective nature and 5 Second Fix is no different. It works incredibly well at fixing broken things.

5 Second Fix Features

  1. High-quality liquid plastic: The liquid plastic is made from quite the high-quality materials as is the device itself.
  2. Flexible, sandable and can even be painted over: Once you have fixed your broken item, you can easily sand the excess plastic off to make sure the object does not lose its shape. You can also paint over the fix.
  3. Dries clear: The plastic dries clear and effectively blends in with the object.
  4. Only cures with UV light, therefore, can be adjusted until you are satisfied: Since the plastic only cures after you shine a UV light on it, you can redo or adjust the adhesive until you are satisfied. Once it is where you want, use the UV to quickly harden it.
  5. Takes around 5 seconds to cure: As soon as you shine the UV light onto the liquid plastic, it starts curing. It does not take more than a few seconds to completely solidify.
  6. Repairs, fills, fixes, and seals virtually anything: You can easily use it to fix broken items, fill cracks and seal open cervices as well.

How does 5 Second Fix work?

The plastic compound is what actually fixes the broken item. The UV light activates the compound and slowly solidifies it over the crack, sealing the item and essentially repairing it. No matter the kind and intensity of the break, 5 Second Fix can fix most items. If the break is thorough, you simply need to add more layers of the plastic compound and slowly use the UV on each layer to completely cure it.

To use 5 Second Fix the right way, follow these steps,

  1. Wear gloves and safety eyewear to protect yourself from the strong UV light
  2. Lay a piece of disposable paper to protect the surface
  3. Put your broken item pieces on the paper
  4. Squeeze the liquid plastic where the object was broken.
  5. Apply as much as needed, more if the break is uneven and less if it is a cleaner break
  6. Align the two pieces and hold in place
  7. Flip the 5 Second Fix over and discover the UV light on the back side
  8. Shine the light over the liquid plastic for a few seconds until it cures
  9. Layer the liquid plastic if the break does not fill in one go
  10. Keep going until the object is repaired.
  11. Sand down to maintain aesthetics
  12. Do not expose to water for at least 24 hours

Where to buy 5 Second Fix?

You can easily purchase your very own set of 5 Second Fix directly at their merchant site. There are plenty advantages you can avail while buying from them. You can ensure you get a legitimate product and the offers they provide.

Final Verdict

When it comes to fixing broken items, there is simply not many products better than 5 Second Fix. The product ensures you can mend, fix, and repair items in a matter of minutes. It does not require a lot of work to use, is completely reliable and also incredibly reasonable to purchase. If you are someone who has a toolbox, 5 Second Fix belongs in it.

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