XWatch Review- Best Smartwatch Under $100 in 2021?

Smartwatches have come a long way from being luxury products to practical every-day use items. A featureful smartwatch today costs a tonne of money and is generally unaffordable by most of the consumer class. Though there are reasonable smartwatches out there, we end up compromising on features and durability. Never before had a practical, featureful, and stylish smartwatch come our way until the XWatch showed up.

Smartwatches today are much more than simple devices that you can check messages on. Now they are technological powerhouses that can measure all sorts of things from health, sleep patterns and of course let you in on the current gossip of the town.

But had you heard about a smartwatch that has an in-built speaker system to listen to music on? Well, neither did we, but we used the device, and here is our verdict on it.

What is the XWatch?


The XWatch is a one of a kind smartwatch with a tonne of features and compatibility that goes both ways, pair it with Android or iOS and welcome a slew of amazing features one would expect from a high-end smartwatch. Not only can you check for notifications and messages, but it also helps you keep an eye on your health and well-being.

One of the more functional smartwatches at the price point it is offered at, XWatch is gaining traction quite quickly apparently. It gives you the ability to answer calls and messages, take photos, listen to music, monitor fitness and physical activities and so much more. The XWatch clearly has the functions of a high-end product while being totally affordable and easy to use.

XWatch camera functions incorporate night mode settings, diverse camera settings, and even lets you utilize the XWatch as a controller for your Android phone’s camera. You can also check your pulse and blood pressure with the built-in monitor. XWatch’s in-built audio player gives you the ability to tune in to music, directly from the watch on its inherent speaker, or you can pair it to some Bluetooth headsets for a better listening experience.

Technical Specifications

The features it offers are plenty and the durability and quality are top-notch. Seeing that most smartwatches offer limited features due to their low price, XWatch blows them out of the water by providing a slew of features at such a low price point. Fitness bands are the other end of the spectrum.

DisplayHD Retina Fully Touchable Display, with Dual-Sided Hardened Glass
Dimensions 44 * 38 * 10.7 mm.
IP RatingIP67 rated for Dust & Water Resistance
Battery Life3-5 days (depending on usage). Charging it for 1 hour over the USB
Bluetooth VersionBluetooth 4.0 & 5.0 Support
ColourMate Black
LanguageCompatible with mobile phone languages (more than 20 languages)
CameraIt works remotely within 10 m
Buzz Sounds3 groups of sounds to choose from
FunctionsAlert type: Ring
Bluetooth Calling: Phone call reminder
Groups of Alarm: 3
Health Tracker: Pedometer
Messaging: Message reminder
Notification: Yes
Other Function: Alarm, Stopwatch
Notification Type: Facebook,QQ,Skype,Twitter,Wechat,WhatsApp
Remote Control Function: Remote Camera

XWatch Features


The XWatch is one of the most feature-rich smartwatches we have reviewed in quite a long time. Now, there have been some watches that went above and beyond, but at this price point at which XWatch is available, there are not many good ones you can find.

Medical Assistant: The XWatch manages your vitals for you. If there is a sudden drop in your blood pressure, the watch notifies you in real-time. It effectively monitors your pulse, heart rate, and blood pressure constantly.

✅ Stay Connected: A smartwatch should be able to let you manage notifications and keep you connected with your contacts. XWatch does this incredibly well and displays all that on its HD display screen.

Manage Notifications: You can easily manage messages, notifications, and calls on your XWatch. It is easy and the UI is incredibly simplistic and straightforward.

Listen to Music: Listening to music is also easily done on the device. The in-built speaker lets you blast your stuff right then right there and gives you the ability to connect to a Bluetooth headset for a better listening experience.

Alarm: You can even set alarms on your watch and have them ring out.

Calculator: Calculating is also quite easy on the XWatch. A big display also lets you easily calculate numbers.

Anti-Lost Feature: Say you lose your phone or your smartwatch, well fear not because you can find either with the help of either.

Multiple Languages Compatible: The XWatch can be set to multiple languages, whichever you want for yourself. German, French, Portuguese, and English are some of the most widely used ones.

Who is the XWatch for?

If you are a fitness fanatic and need to invest in a fitness band, wait for a second here. Also, if you need a stylish watch for your next office meet that gives you the ability to check for notifications and messages on the go, wait here as well.

Now, the XWatch is a perfect combination of the two, a fitness band and a stylish smartwatch in a single product.

When it comes to the build and design of the xWatch, it stands not far away from some of the most durable smartwatches in the business. The top technical specs of the xWatch are mentioned below.

Having fun on top of your regular smartwatch is almost a necessity at this point. Buying two watches can cost you a tonne of money and the split causes you to constantly switch between the two, which can be a little tiresome, to say the least. XWatch is a brilliant piece of tech that you can use as a fitness band as well as a stylish watch you can wear to your office meetings.


  1. Multiple functions
  2. Easy to use
  3. Stylish and durable in design
  4. Fitness band and smartwatch in one package
  5. Scratch, dust, and water-resistant glass screen


  1. Looks clunky if you have small hands
  2. Is not as cost-effective as you might think; but definitely affordable

Everything XWatch Offers

There are a literal slew of functions the X Watch offers. Here are some of the few-

  1. Phonebooks
  2. Bluetooth calling
  3. Call logs
  4. Notifications
  5. Pedometer, heart rate, and ECG
  6. Sedentary mode
  7. Anti-lost feature
  8. Calendar
  9. Sleep monitoring
  10. Bluetooth camera
  11. Stopwatch
  12. Alarm
  13. Bluetooth music
  14. Multiple language support

Benefits of the XWatch

  1. Comfortable: The XWatch has a luxurious feel and design aspect to it. Not only can it go with a three-piece suit, but you can also wear it to the gym or beach. The strap is made from quality materials and it shows as soon as you clamp it around your wrist
  2. Build Quality: The materials used in building the XWatch are certainly not cheap by any margin. The display screen is also quite rough (we tested) and the strap though strong and durable, it still feels comfortable.
  3. Brilliant Display: The 1.54-inch display makes sure any notification you are trying to view is clearly presented.
  4. Monitor Vitals: The fitness band aspect of the smartwatch is certainly one of its biggest selling points. Not only do you get a pedometer that checks your step count, but it also monitors your heart rate, blood pressure, and even your sleep cycles.
  5. A Smartphone on your Wrist: The device honestly feels like a smartphone attached to your wrist. The functionalities, the things you can do with it are simply too many to ignore.
  6. Exercise Companion: Since it also acts as a fitness band, it proves to be a perfect exercise companion.
  7. Long Battery Life: A total life of around 12 months on the battery, you will have no need to replace it anytime soon.
  8. Calls & Music Using the in-Built Speaker & Microphone: XWatch also comes with a built-in speaker and microphone attached to the device itself so that you can listen to music or answer calls on the go.

Rating XWatch (4.9/10)

  1. Ease of Use: As smartwatches go, XWatch is relatively easy to grab an understanding of. The simplistic UI and easy connectivity makes it easy to pair and start using right out of the box.
  2. Design: The design of the X Watch is much akin to the Apple Watch in some regards. It works, but if you have smaller hands, this watch tends to look clunky. The display is also well-sized as smartwatches go.
  3. Functions: The smartwatch offers a tonne of different functions, from notification management to the fitness aspect of the watch. The price it is offered at makes all the difference though. Usually, a smartwatch packed so tight with features costs almost double what the XWatch seems to cost.
  4. Durability: When it comes to durability, the XWatch is notoriously hardened. In our testing, the screen came out on top as most durable, but the strap wore down after continuous use.
  5. Competition: Well, there is a lot of competition out there when it comes to smartwatches. Smartwatches today are quite an accessible piece of technology that makes living a little easier, so to speak. That said, most feature-packed smartwatches are quite expensive. Thankfully, XWatch though packed with a good number of features, it still is not as pricy as the rest of them.

Where to Buy XWatch and How Much Is It?

We suggest purchasing the XWatch from their official website to make sure you get all available offers and deals right then, right there. Buying from the official website also makes sure you get only a legitimate product and the guarantee you get a product that lives up to your expectations.

Buying through us also grants you a 50% discount on all your purchases. Essentially if you click on the link below you get 50% off on all your purchases plus special offers. You can get 1 xWatch at a low $98.98. If you wish to get more, you can easily pick up 2 at $158.98 and 3 at $248.97.

Not only that but special offers include buying 2 xWatches and getting 1 free at a low cost of only $196.98. If you require even more than that, you can buy 3 xWatches and get 2 free at just $296.96.

Do not wait any longer! Limited offer on this incredible smartwatch only for our readers.

Final Verdict

If you are specifically in the market for either a fitness band or a smartwatch, at the price of one, xWatch will grant you the benefits of both all in the same device. If you want separate devices for each function, I think looking into the specifications and details of the xWatch might help you sway that decision and get one for yourself eventually.

We suggest you should totally invest in an xWatch. We used and reviewed them from features to design aspects and figured this is essentially one of the better smartwatches at this price point in the market. You can easily opt for bigger brands that sell their smartwatches at exorbitant prices, yet the features you get with the xWatch are plenty at almost half the price.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs) about XWatch

Is the XWatch Real?

Yes, of course, it is. XWatch, though a relatively new brand that clearly takes inspiration from bigger brands, still has managed to release a one of a kind smartwatch at a very affordable price.

How to Buy XWatch?

XWatch is easily bought on their official website. Buying there guarantees you get the real thing and not a cheap knockoff that are quite common on the market today. Not only that, but we offer certain offers and deals to our readers. If you wish to buy one for yourself, make sure to buy through our link.

How Do I Use Xwatch?

The XWatch has a lot of cool functions and uses. You can easily pair it with your iOS or Android phone using Bluetooth. Once done you will start getting any notifications, calls, alerts and so much more directly on your smartwatch. Also, if you get the application from the respective application stores, you can totally maximize the usage of your device. Getting accurate readings from the variety of monitors on board the XWatch.

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