Oshenwatch Smartwatch Review 2021 – Is this Smartwatch Any Good?

Have you heard about Oshen Smartwatches? most probably you aren’t, because of some popular flagship killers like Samsung Smartwatch and Apple Watch Series. Smartwatches are all the new technological rage these days. Honestly, why not. They are convenient, easy to use, look great, and come with a whole lot of features and functions.

Yes, basic watches are classy and great to wear on occasions, but you cannot nearly get enough features out of your generic analog watch. It could be a $100 watch but still will not do you any better than tell you the time.

The needs of the modern man are plenty and for him time is everything. We needed something revolutionary, something modern and a time saver. This gap is where smartwatches have fit into. Smartwatches have become an easy way to keep track of messages, notifications, time, and even your health.

Sadly though, the ones that pack a lot of features are not reasonable at all. Here is where the OshenWatch comes into play.

Here we’re gonna share our honest opinions and so far experience we had with this smartwatch that what we experienced after using this for a week. Keep reading and we’ll be sharing our honest Oshen smartwatch review so you’ll get the answers to your all questions and doubts regarding this smartwatch, like how does it work, what OS does it use, and is worth buying or not.

What is OshenWatch?


Oshen smartwatch is an incredibly reasonable product that packs the features and durability of a high-end smartwatch while at the same time costing you about half of what you might pay for a similar watch. It is a low-cost luxury smartwatch that is functional, durable, and incredibly fashionable too. Well, in case you don’t know there’s a premium version of this watch which is luxurious as per its name. You can check out the OshenWatch Smartwatch Luxe Review to more about the upgraded version of this watch.

We all know about fitness trackers. We also know about smartwatches. What you might not know is the combination of the two can cost a pretty penny. What we are going to tell you is OshenWatch has done the unthinkable and created a pocket-friendly version of a smartwatch, combining functions and features of a high-end watch with their durability and costing a very reasonable amount.

Oshen Smartwatch is a multi-functional smart watch that gives you the ability to monitor your vitals, use multiple applications, and enjoy the features of a fully functioning smartwatch at a relatively low price. It gives you access to notifications, fitness applications, and keeps you connected to people with ease.

OshenWatch is a modern smartwatch with the functionalities of a top-notch fitness tracker which can be used to measure a wide range of health functions and vitality.

Not only does it measure your steps are taken and calorie intake, but also lets you manage phone calls, notifications and so much more. This is what sets OshenWatch aside from its competition. All these functionalities at such a low cost.

Features of OshenWatch Smartwatch

OshenWatch Features

As smartwatches go, OshenWatch also comes with a variety of features, features unlikely to be seen in products in this price range. Whether you need to record your exercise patterns or stay connected with friends, this smartwatch will provide you enough functionalities to get the best of the product time and time again.

Long Battery Life: With powerful lithium-ion batteries, OshenWatch smartwatch can run for 100 hours during usage, while a total of 15 days on standby mode. With this high battery capacity, you would not need to constantly charge your device.

Biometric, Fitness, and Health Sensors On-Board: There are plenty of sensors onboard the device, capable of measuring heart rate, blood pressure, and much more. This makes OshenWatch one of the best fitness bands in the market.

Easy Notifications Management: With a bright, relatively big screen, you can easily manage and check all the notifications and messages you receive without taking out your mobile device.

GPS Functionality: The device also gives you the option to start navigation using an in-built GPS.

Screen Size: With relatively big screen size and a bright display, OshenWatch is one of the best when it comes to displaying.

Durable: The watch is IP6/7 rated, meaning it is waterproof and dust resistant. OshenWatch is made to be durable even at its low asking price.

Fashionable: OshenWatch is highly practical as well as incredibly fashionable at the same time. The bracelet look gives the watch a nice appeal while not losing on practicality.

Technical Specifications

Product TypeSmartwatch Fitness/Health Tracker
ChargingSupports USB Charging
Bluetooth VersionBluetooth 5.0
Detachable StrapYes
Android and iOS capabilitiesiOS 8 or above; Android 4.4 or above
BatteryLong-lasting Lithium battery with 96 hours backup
Dimension36.3mm X 12.5mm
Personal Alarm FunctionYes
Bio-metric Measurement1. Heart Rate
2. Blood Pressure
3. Blood Oxygen
Sport Mode1. Step Counting Mode
2. Skipping Rope Mode
3. Sit-up Mode
Sleep ModeYes

What Makes Oshenwatch a Unique Smartwatch?

How OshenWatch is Different

Not only does the smartwatch act as a fitness bracelet, measuring everything from calorie intake and steps taken to blood saturation and heart rate, but also lets you manage a whole load of other applications, allowing you to access notifications, calls, messages and what not.

The watch itself is incredibly fashionable and durable, at par with the best models out in the market. OshenWatch comes packed with features, much like what top-notch smartwatches are marketed with.

Sadly, these high-end models have a greatly exaggerated price tag which sometimes does not even justify such exorbitant prices. OshenWatch on the other hand comes with all the bells and whistles but asks of you only but a reasonable price, a price justified against the quality it provides.

The manufacturing company takes great pride in their product and guarantees satisfaction. They even offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for customers who fail to enjoy the experience and features. A branded watch might cost you thousands and not even have enough features to show for the price. OshenWatch is well within your budget and offers the same, if not better features than a high-end product.


One of the best things about OshenWatch is you do not have to worry too much about compatibility with your mobile device. It can easily be connected to and supports both Android and iOS devices. Older operating systems, i.e. OS’ prior to Android 4.4 and iOS v8.0 will not function with the device.

OshenWatch can be connected to your mobile phones using Bluetooth for endless functionalities and gives you the ability to store and record data collected on a daily basis.

Sensors Availability

With the functionalities of a fitness band, OshenWatch comes with –

  1. Heart Rate Monitor
  2. Blood Pressure Monitor
  3. Calorie Monitor
  4. Steps Calculator
  5. Sleep Monitor
  6. Oxygen Saturation Calculator


  1. Popular
  2. Cost-effective
  3. Easy to use
  4. Elegant looks
  5. Packed with features
  6. Durable and lightweight
  7. Money-back guarantee


  1. Can look bulky on a small wrist
  2. Compatible with Android v4.4 and later, and iOS v8.0 and later
  3. Requires a Bluetooth headset to take calls

Why Do You Need Oshen Smartwatch?

OshenWatch Features

One of the better products available in the market, OshenWatch is highly suggested by us, and its previous users. The features it provides along with being a sturdy, durable smartwatch are plenty and far beyond the capabilities of watches in this price range.

With the OshenWatch you can easily –

  1. Monitor Your Health: Sensors on the device can measure your heart rate, blood pressure, the oxygen concentration in your blood, and even the quality of your sleep.
  2. Set and Reach Fitness Goals: Tracking your progress in terms of physical activity has never been easier. The device calculates the steps you have taken, records the distance, measures calorie intake for you to set realistic goals based on true data to reach the fitness standard you have been hoping for.
  3. Connect to People: Blending features of a true smartwatch and a fitness band, OshenWatch also lets you easily manage messages, calls, and notifications, making it incredibly easy to stay connected with your peers and family.

Benefits Of OshenWatch

  • Supports both Android and iOS
  • Easy connectivity via Bluetooth
  • Accurate and instant results
  • Variety of biometric scanners on board to track everything from sleep patterns to calorie intake.
  • Acts as a fitness band + a smartwatch
  • Stylish and durable design
  • Good battery life
  • Brilliant bright and large display
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Advantages of OshenWatch Over Other Smartwatches

When it comes to OshenWatch, there are several things that set this device apart from other smartwatches. Not only the price difference, but the usage and functionalities make OshenWatch one of the best devices to invest in.

OshenWatch Advantages
  1. Ease of Use: The smartwatch is incredibly easy to use. Since it is compatible with both Android and iOS users, you do not have to cherry-pick the right device for yourself. Get OshenWatch and pair it with any of your mobile devices. With Bluetooth, you can easily set up this device and get all the endless features you are looking for.
  2. Elegant Design: Smartwatches laden with features can get bulky easily. Not OshenWatch, the small size is elegant and super functional. Neither does it feel too small, or too big. Perfectly designed for practical usage while not overbearing on your wrist.
  3. Accessibility: The interface or the UI the watch comes with is interactive and easy to use. No fancy gimmicks, plain and simple.
  4. Multipurpose Use: Being comfortable to wear and use, OshenWatch can be used at casual as well as formal events. Obviously, you can wear it to the gym or while running to make use of the incredible sensors on board. The bottom line, OshenWatch is a true multipurpose smartwatch.

Rating OshenWatch (4.9/5)

When it comes to technology, especially compact devices, there are a lot of different things at play. From battery life to style and functionality, there are things you need to keep in mind while looking for gadgets. Let us rate this product then shall we –

Functions and Features

When it comes to features and practical functionality of the device, it stands shoulder to shoulder to some of the best smartwatches in the market. The number of sensors onboard to how easily you can interact with notifications and messages makes this an absolute winner of a device.

Not to be mistaken, there are tonnes of products just like the Oshen Smartwatch, but almost none of them in this price range that offers so many features packed into a singular device.

Durability and Style

OshenWatch Smartwatch is IP6/7 certified, meaning it is waterproof and dustproof to a certain extent. The device is incredibly durable, and our tests confirm it is highly damage proof. The glass also stood quite a bit of beating until finally giving up. The watch itself looks great with the leather band that fits across your wrist quite comfortably. It is not as bulky either, easily making it one of the best-looking smartwatches out there.

Ease of Use

Smartwatches are notoriously difficult to handle and setup. That is either affected by the size of the display or a not-so-well-made user interface. Thankfully, Oshen Smartwatch is incredibly easy to use and features a plain and simple to use UI. Anyone can use this device with ease, and it does not require a lot of explaining prior to first use.


At the price OshenWatch Smartwatch is offered at, it is easily one of the best, if not the best smartwatch in the market. An easy investment.


There are plenty of smartwatches out there in the market. From a thousand-dollar smartwatch to a basic fitness band, there are literally tonnes of products out there. Why OshenWatch stands out is because of its price and the features offered at that price range. We personally had never heard of such a feature-rich smartwatch being offered at such a low price tag. 

User Reviews

Where to Buy OshenWatch and How Much Is It?

OshenWatch is easily available on their official website. From there you can directly purchase from the manufacturers with the guarantee of originality. The device is available all over the internet, but it is highly suggested you purchase from legitimate websites, the best being their official website.

Not only that, if you let us help you shop for your own Oshen Smartwatch, we have tremendous deals for you. The retail price of the device is $76.91, but shopping with us, you can get yours at a small $49.99. Great is it not?

OshenWatch Luxe Prices Comparison Table

But wait! We have but more offers for you. Get 2 OshenWatches retailing at $153.82, at an incredibly low price of $99.98. And wait still. Order 3 OshenWatches at only $112.48 and save over a $100 on your purchase.

Need OshenWatches for your entire family? Fear not but rejoice. Save over $170 on a purchase of 4 OshenWatches at an exceptionally low $137.47. Retail price for 4 OshenWatches? $307.63.

I know, incredible right? Wait no further. Get your own OshenWatch Smartwatch here.

Final Verdict

So what do you think after reading our Oshenwatch Smartwatch review? Well, the amount of testing that we did plus the customer reviews that we scoured for suggesting that this smartwatch is easily one of the best smartwatches in the market as of right now.

At the price it is offered, we wonder why it not the biggest thing out there. Not even that, but the number of discounts and offers that are offered by the company easily make it a quite viable and pocket-friendly product to purchase.

When it comes to features, battery life, style, durability, and such, there are better smartwatches out there, but definitely not at this price point. OshenWatch is one of the better devices in the market and has all the potential to be one of the highest-selling smartwatches.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What can you use an OshenWatch for?

If you are in need of a health/fitness tracker, you might be ready to spend around $50 on your purchase. Instead, you must invest in the OshenWatch that gives you the benefits of a fitness band, at the same time offering you features of a smartwatch.
You can use OshenWatch for tracking your health, your fitness, checking notifications and messages and so much more. It is incredibly easy to use and is packed with features.

2. Can you make a phone call with the OshenWatch?

Yes, you can make phone calls with the OshenWatch, given your mobile device is in proximity and connected to the watch itself. You also need to make sure you have a Bluetooth headset handy with you preferably with a microphone to start a calling session.

3. Can you receive messages on your OshenWatch?

OshenWatch allows you to receive messages from WeChat and WhatsApp given our phone has internet reception and is connected to the watch itself.

4. Why is OshenWatch so special? or It is a scam?

When it comes to smartwatches, they are usually either expensive with the features they come with or simply just “smart” for the sake of it and not really offering much in terms of functionality.
A feature-laden smartwatch can cost hundreds of dollars if not more, but here OshenWatch has made its mark. Suppling great and multiple features at an extremely low price, OshenWatch has clearly set a stage for itself in the smartwatch market. It comes with a variety of health and fitness trackers as well as the ability to view notifications and messages too. According to us and the reviews we read, OshenWatch is a game-changer in the smartwatch industry, offering many features and durability at a low price.

5. Is OshenWatch difficult to use?

The OshenWatch is not difficult to use at all. If you’re at all familiar with e-watches then you’ll have no problem navigating the OshenWatch. Its intuitive design is great for novices, as well.

6. Can I sync it with my iOS device? What about Android?

Yes! The OshenWatch is fully-compatible with both iOS and Android smartphone models.

7. How durable is the OshenWatch?

Very durable. Ultra resistant aluminum casing combined with double-sided tempered glass makes the OshenWatch extremely durable. In addition, it has a very dependable battery which will last for several days. The OshenWatch was built for durability and longevity, which is why it also makes an excellent gift.

8. Is Oshenwatch Smartwatch scam?

That’s all we had in this review, if you have any further concerns related to legitimate this smartwatch then we would suggest you watch out the video review on Youtube (not sponsored by Oshen).
This may give you enough clarifications and transparency to decide whether you should buy this smartwatch or not.

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