Home Improvement
Home improvement products ​make changes to a house that increases its value; the activity of making these changes.

Dr. Goodrow Review – Automated Indoor Hydroponic Planter

Gardening is not an easy task. If you ask experienced folks, you will realize there is a lot that goes into growing fresh produce than just watering the pot ...

EcoHeat Review – Heat Your Room In Less Than 10 Mins

You might be forgetting with all this heat that winters are just round the corner and a good heat source is what will need, sooner or later. We love winter ...

Bondic Review – Best Liquid UV Plastic Welder

An adhesive and filler are always been the savior for restoring all broken stuff. But have heard about Liquid UV Plastic Welder? No worries,  after ...

5 Second Fix Review – The Ultimate Handyman’s Tool

There are a lot of things in your house, office and even in your car that can break and require quite the professional help to fix. It gets frustrating when ...

ProntoPaw Review – A Sure Way Towards Complete Pet Cleanliness

When it comes to dogs, grooming and taking care of them is really crucial. Otherwise, they can look shabby and even smell up your living space. Since dogs are ...

Second Sun Review – A Natural Light to Improve Mood and Reduce Stress

Are you wondering why you might be feeling a little off during the change of a season? Well, it is a phenomenon called SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder. ...

SeedSheet Review – Best Gardening Kit Ever

Gardening is not easy. Ask someone who has been there, done that. Making sure your plants get enough nutrients and water is more daunting than it sounds or ...

SmartLight Review – Smart LED Bulbs for Your Smart Home

Your phone is smart. Your watch is smart. How about you move towards a smarter home. You know what to begin with? Some smart lights that you can control with ...

SuperBoost WiFi Review – Don’t Buy Until You Read This

Are you bothered by dead zones, or no WiFi zones in your house? You know we totally are. If there is one thing we cannot stand, it is terrible WiFi ...

TV Fix Caster Review – Does This Device Really Work or Just a Scam?

Streaming these days is all the rage and for good reason. Entertainment stays at your fingertips and with the busy lifestyle we follow it is only but ...

TVRoxx Smart TV Hub Review – The Smartest TV Hub?

Streaming has taken over cable TV and cable TV might not be completely irrelevant right now, it certainly is quite obsolete. There is so much you can get ...

TVShareMax Review – Transform your TV into a Smart TV!

In today’s world of extensive and limitless streaming, watching content on your mobile just does not cut it. Entertainment is heavily available and trust me, ...

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